Noxium Ferus

There are moments when the best to be done is to give a big kick […]
March 30, 2023
Noxium Ferus - Blasphemicon album cover

There are moments when the best to be done is to give a big kick in the butt of all labels and conceptions written before and to experiment music by yourself. If you're experienced, you'll never be lost, and such experience can free your spirit. Personally, this writer saw bands being labeled in this or that tendency, but when hearing, things are different, so I used my own mind to guide me. And honestly, it's the best way to deal with "Blasphemicon", the first album of the Norwegian quintet NOXIUM FERUS. One can call it Blackened Death Metal; other will say it is a Black Metal band; and some can feel some Death/Thrash Metal traits on it.

The best thing to do: describe the band's work as something extreme and done with extremely care in the arrangements (but never in an arrogant exercise for the egos), with a good level of instrumental technique and with very good grunts on the vocals. But some melodic sewing in many parts, creating extreme and tasteful hooks (as can be heard clearly on "Blasphemicon"). It bleeds with an aggressive energy, and it's hard for an extreme Metal maniac resist to this album. The sound quality of "Blasphemicon" is very good, even being recorded on a homestudio. The mixing and mastering were done in a wise way, improving the understanding of the fans due it sounds defined, with everything in its due way, and the very good instrumental tunes.

10 tracks of skullcrushing extreme Metal are on the album, each one of them showing its own value. But "Blasphemicon" (filled with many excellent guitar arrangements and riffs, and what abrasive energy it bears), "Make Me Kill" (this one bears extremely catching parts, with elements inherited from Power Metal on its ambiences and drumming, and what excellent guitar themes), "Autokrator" (the piledring rhythms can bring to mind something inherited of Norwegian Black Metal early days, because bass guitar and drums are not exceeding on technique, but guiding the rhythms wisely), "Ia Pazuzu" (the slow rhythms put the Blackened Death Metal melodies in evidence in many moments, and the percussive touches are really good, as the vocals are as well), "The Conjuration of Fire" (an extreme song with many influences of Old School Death Metal to the point of the Hardcore elements can be heard clearly, especially on the bass guitar and drums playing), "Phallic Pride" (another one who brings touches of Old School Black Metal on its guitar riffs, with many darkened moments), and the amazing version of the band for "Destroyer", an old hit of TWISTED SISTER (here presented on a more aggressive and brutal version, of course) are the right ones for a first check on the album.

"Blasphemicon" is a very good release, and it shows that NOXIUM FERUS' tendency is to grow and occupy a space in the hearts of extreme Metal fans.

8 / 10









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"Blasphemicon" Track-listing:

1. Blasphemicon
2. Kerethial - Cut Off From God
3. Make Me Kill
4. Autokrator
5. Ia Pazuzu
6. Live Life Loveless
7. The Conjuration of Fire
8. Phallic Pride
9. Dickslapped by the Devil
10. Destroyer

Noxium Ferus Lineup:

Espen Dyngen - Vocals
Torgeir 'Alvakien' Espedal - Guitars
Steinar Aven - Guitars
Christopher Rygh - Bass
Arne Gandrud - Drums

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