Due the invasion of Thrash Metal, it's necessary for those who are in this path […]
December 16, 2013
NoWrong - NoWrong album cover

Due the invasion of Thrash Metal, it's necessary for those who are in this path to run away from the dangers and clichés from the style. This is the main reason for such great number of clones worldwide. But even in this way, there are some bands in the underground that makes a good and honest work, as the Brazilian quartet NOWRONG, from Osasco (SP), that come with their EP "NoWrong".

They focus their energies in Thrash Metal in a way near from East EUA way, in the same vein from ANTHRAX, OVERKILL and NUCLEAR ASSAULT, that way that is aggressive to the point of breaking our teeth, but with good melodies and clean sound, as hooky as Hell. Savage vocals, powerful guitar riffs (the band's core) and good solos (melodic as they must be), bass and drums forming a strong and well-played rhythm kitchen.

A good sound production, even on the three live tracks recorded at FMTV program (a São Paulo TV program dedicated to Metal), showing that the band, even not doing a new thing in terms of music, has its value guaranteed, with all instruments sounding clear and strong. The artwork is simple, as the cover is a picture of the band in a way that will remind every Thrash Metal fan from an old picture from EXODUS' "Bonded by Blood". And these fans would know what I'm trying to say.

The greater moments: the two studio songs "Taste the Hate", a more fast song, with good guitar and vocals works, and the hooky "The Morals" (a more slow tempo, in the way of New York Thrash Metal bands), and the live track "Fuck Yourself and Die", (brutal spit of hatred against the system). And the best thing of all: this EP can be downloaded for free here:

It's a Christmas present to Metal fans, so, let's now wait for the upcoming album, "Prognostic of a Great Disaster", that will be released next year. I just can't wait!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"NoWrong" Track-listing:

1. Taste the Hate
2. The Morals
3. Angels in Hell
4. Fuck Yourself and Die
5. The Morals

NoWrong Lineup:

Diogo MadLock - Vocals / Guitars
Rafael Bread - Guitars
John Wolf - Bass
Arth Castro - Drums

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