Nobody’s Fool

WOW, what an excellent opus these Australian Hard Rockers created!
April 17, 2024

In the early days of Glam Metal in the 80s, the genre was easily confounded with a more melodic form of Heavy Metal. Hear dealing with seminal albums of the genre in the 80s as QUIET RIOT’s “Metal Health”, MÖTLEY CRÜE’s “Too Fast for Love” and “Shout at the Devil”, DOOKEN’s “Breaking the Chains” and “Tooth and Nail”, one can have the idea that the limits between both genres were extremely thin, but as commercial success of more accessible ways created by DEF LEPPARD and others took their tool, the differences became more understandable. But some acts prefer to have that aggressive and nasty appeal combined with hooking melodies. And the work of the Australian quartet NOBODY’S FOOL heard on “Time” depicts such way.

The sonority of “Time” is dry and ‘stripped off’ of all those endless digital editions and presets. It sounds as a live shot with things set as they must that was recorded and with all studio works done upon such ways. Of course that the mixing, mastering and sound engineering were done to lay a understandable sonority, but without torn apart the nasty and filthy touch the band needs to have an organic outfit. As an experienced band with more than 20 years of existence, their music is solid and defined: a form of Glam Metal and Hard Rock with traits similar to the care of VAN HALEN on the guitars’ arrangements, the weight and heavy appeal of DOKKEN on its prime, and the aggressive and filthy approach of MÖTLEY CRÜE and AC/DC, the energy of JUDAS PRIEST and their own personality working things in a personal outfit. Yes, these guys know what they want with their music, and lucky are those who hear to such excellent piece of music.

There are 11 excellent songs on the album, all of the having their own values and personal shine. But’s hard to not surrender to moments as “Cherrie” (a strong and simple Glam/Hard Rock song with catchy melodies and sharp aggressive guitars), “So Wrong” (a moment that brings to the minds the early days of Glam Metal’s first wave, with excellent melodies and a solid rhythmic work from bass guitar and drums), “Time” (where the dirty side of their music becomes evident, but always with the melodic bowl being clear), “Eye for An Eye” (the massive blow of energy in the face isn’t easily forgotten, and what great chorus and ‘vanhalean’ guitars arrangements), “Call It Love” (the ‘shake-your-body’ appeal inherited from the Young’s gang is clear, and what very good vocals and backing vocals), “One More Lie” (a moment with a heavier appeal with abrasive weight appearing in many moments, but again: the band doesn’t open hand of its melodies), “Cry for Me” (the essential ballad that all Glam Metal/Hard Rock acts have, but with lovely and deep chords’ arrangements), “Free” (some features of this one depicts how LED ZEPPELIN was important to Hard Rock and Glam Metal sedimentation), and… Well, it’s best to listen to “On the Road” and “Smoke and Mirrors” as well, and don’t you dare to leave aside their own version for JUDAS PRIEST’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’”, with a younger and nasty appeal and a might blow of energy.

What’s left to say after listening to “Time” is: why in the blazes these guys aren’t extremely famous outside Australia by now? Yes, NOBODY’S FOOL is that kind of band that deserves to be heard by anyone, and on loud volume! One final word: congratulations to Battlegod Productions, because it’s one of the few musical labels that works with acts of many Metal and Hard Rock genres.

10 / 10









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"Time" Track-listing:
  1. Cherrie
  2. So Wrong
  3. Time
  4. Eye for An Eye
  5. Call It Love
  6. One More Lie
  7. Cry for Me
  8. Free
  9. On the Road
  10. Smoke and Mirrors
  11. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
Nobody’s Fool Lineup:

Milosz Wozniak - Vocals, Guitars
Marcus - Guitars, Vocals
Willy Garni - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Steve - Drums

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