Fearless Walk to Rise

No Return

In many cases, labels and subgenres in Metal are a disgusting, annoying and unnecessary thing. […]
January 30, 2015
No Return - Fearless Walk to Rise album cover

In many cases, labels and subgenres in Metal are a disgusting, annoying and unnecessary thing. We can misunderstand a band's work, or even despise it due a label used to describe their music. And I want to share a word with my dear nephews and nieces, the readers: nothing can replace the experience of a hearing on an album. Maybe some people can be hiding behind the labels their fear to hear something really new, and of liking it (some "old school" boys, who think we're still on the 80's are disgusting in this trend. Guys, you were born on the 90's, so it's time to awake). To these one, it's a pity... A pity for excellent bands like the French quintet NO RETURN could fill the empty space on their minds and hearts with "Fearless Walk to Rise", their new album. These veterans are really astonishing!

Some call it "Thrash Metal", but it's not the entire truth: of course you got a lot of the style on their music. Maybe it's its core, but you'll get more and more influences coming to their songs. Melodic influences, with a modern and powerful insight in creating Metal music. The fusion of great and wonderful harsh vocals, excellent guitar riffs and solos (very melodic and technical), with a perfect rhythmic basis makes their musical work something great, and put on their account the courage to not be bound by definitions and rules on their creative soul.

So this is the way a classic born! The sound quality is near perfection, a great work done by Jacob Hansen (the same one who worked with ARTILLERY, DESTRUCTION, ONSLAUGHT and many others). It has weight, clearness and all things in their due places, with very good tunes chosen for each musical instrument. Nine songs are awaiting your ears (the first one, "Ascent", is just an instrumental intro), all of them energetic and perfect. But hearing "Stronger Than Ever" (with great work from guitars and drums), the wonderful "Submission Fails" (again very good guitars, with a song a bit more melodic), "Face My Dark" or "Bloodbath Legacy", and you'll get yourself addicted to their work. An excellent band!

10 / 10


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"Fearless Walk to Rise" Track-listing:

1. Ascent
2. Stronger Than Ever
3. Submission Fails
4. Sounds of Yesterday
5. Paint Your World
6. Face My Dark
7. Sworn to Be
8. Bloodbath Legacy
9. Fearless
10. Hold My Crown

No Return Lineup:

Mick - Vocals
Alain "Al1" Clément - Guitars
Jérôme Point - Guitars
David Barbosa - Bass
Joël Barbosa - Drums

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