No One Cares

Actually, some trends in Metal music are really weird to our ears. There are times […]
March 15, 2015
No One Cares - Dirty album cover

Actually, some trends in Metal music are really weird to our ears. There are times that we really think "what are these guys trying to do here?" and the answer, sometimes, cannot be the one the bands are waiting for. That's the main case from NO ONE CARES, an Italian quartet that on their album, "Dirty", is presenting a musical work that promises a lot, but do not fulfill every expectations that we can have.

They are mixing influences from New Metal (and not "nu"! Please, use the right goddamn word!), Groove Metal, and some elements from musical styles out of Metal. Ok, that's nothing wrong with that (and remember: Metal has many mixes with other musical styles, creating half-breed subgenres on it), but here, besides it's truly heavy and aggressive, it lacks of some musical direction. It reminds a lot a mix from LIKIN PARK and LIMP BIZKIT and some Hardcore bands from New York (like BIOHARZARD), extreme abrasive, but it really lacks of some directions. It's not a matter of how many nasty words the vocalist can speak (every song is full of them), but a matter of knowing what you're doing and playing. The instrumental basis is strong and good, with very good riffs and strong bass and drums, but the vocals could really be far better.

The sound quality is in a good level, so we can understand what they are playing clearly, but of course we can feel that something.

And the wrong thing we mean here is their musical work: all the tracks are good in terms of instrumental parts (except for some riffs in tunes so low that really can disturb our ears), but their vocalist needs a lot of more training to explore his musical possibilities, and as a whole band, to find a direction.

Of course, the album's not a complete loss, for songs like "First Last", "No One Cares" and "Rock'N'Roll" can prove to us all. But they really need to find a way.<

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Dirty" Track-listing:

1. Bored
2. First Last
3. Born For This
4. No One Cares
5. Niente Da Perdere
6. Rock'N'Roll
7. Lymphoma
8. Intolleranza

No One Cares Lineup:

Matthew Turi - Vocals
Andrea Gorini - Guitar
Andrea Moroni - Bass
Elena Giraldi - Drums

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