Heavy Metal Party (Reissue)

No Bros

Live albums have been a tradition in metal since its infancy. They try to fill […]
March 27, 2015
No Bros - Heavy Metal Party (Reissue) album cover

Live albums have been a tradition in metal since its infancy. They try to fill a gap that exists between studio albums and live shows. However, we always miss a part of the energy and impact of music when recordings are done in studios. Great classics of metal arose from this tradition, as SCORPIONS' "Tokyo Tapes", BLACK SABBATH's "Live Evil", and IRON MAIDEN's "Live After Death", just to name a few. But actually, some live albums lack some of the same spirit of older ones. It's due to the countless overdubs done in studios, and it's a big shame. This practice tears out completely the live feeling and the energy of the bands. But there are some bands that dared in the past to release their first album as a live one. We could name some, and one of the best bands to do so is the Austrian quintet NO BROS. Back in February 1982/ Their first album was a live one, called "Heavy Metal Party", and it's reissued here, for our enjoyment.

The band followed the 70's Hard'n'Heavy way, and their work reminds us a little of elegant bands with a bluesy feeling like older URIAH HEEP or DEEP PURPLE, with the musical weight from BLUE ÖYSTER CULT. But don't get the wrong idea: they're a true old school band, so they have a great and strong personality pulsing in their music. In a live album, we can feel their energy clearly: presenting great vocals, very good guitars, keyboards giving elegant, good flavor to their music, and a heavy rhythmic sound. It's extremely pleasant to listen to!

A good sound quality awaits us, and even being done in a time where overdubs barely existed, the band's music is extremely clear, with all instruments in good shape. I know that back on those days, to play was easier than today, due the technological limitations, but the spirit that you can feel here is what many heavy metal bands try (without success) to recreate.

In this reissue, we have the same songs from the original release along with some bootleg stuff. NO BROS. are having their best moments on "Holiday with HH", "Heavy Metal Party", and the charming "Good Morning Sir". But to hear songs like "We Are Stronger", with its heavy paced times, or "Reggae", is a great pleasure, and that make us think that if these guys were from England on these times, maybe the outcome from NWOBHM would be a bit different.

Very good album, and much thanks to the record label for this reissue.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Heavy Metal Party (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Holiday With HH
2. Davi
3. Heavy Metal Party
4. Reggae
5. New York
6. Girl For Hire
7. Good Morning Sir
8. Metal Man
9. Good Morning Sir - Live Bootleg
10. We Are Stronger - Live Bootleg
11. Reggae - Live Bootleg
12. Rough And Rare - instrumental
13. Heavy Metal Party - Schubert In Rock

No Bros Lineup:

Freddy Gigele - Vocals
Klaus Schubert - Guitars
Michael "Metal Michi" Ausserhofer - Bass
Nikolaus P. Opperer - Keyboards
Franz "Good Night" Heumader - Drums

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