Nikki Stringfield

Hard rock and heavy metal has always pretty much a “sausage fest” dominated by men wearing tight leather or spandex driving motorcycles, chugging whiskey and singing about their sexual conquests, but that’s all changed over the past twenty years or so with a welcomed influx of amazing female led bands and now Nikki Stringfield throws her hat (or guitar) into the ring and comes out with guns a blazing.
December 22, 2023

Originally hailing from Red Oak, Texas, guitarist NIKKI SPRINGFIELD has self-released her debut full length album “Apocrypha” (meaning biblical or related writings not forming part of the accepted cannon of Scripture) worldwide on September 29th, 2023. After touring internationally with popular tribute band, THE IRON MAIDENS and shredding originals with HEAVEN BELOW, Nikki decided to venture into the role of solo artist and in 2019 released her first EP, "Harmonies For The Haunted" taking on lead vocals and songwriting in addition to lead guitars. I have followed her career throughout the years thanks to her music videos for her solo singles "Save Our Souls”, “As Chaos Consumes" and “Heart Shaped Box” and was taken in by her powerful and masterful six string slinging. She's also held acoustic residencies at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, CA to diversify her talents and prove she's truly a well-rounded musician as well as partnering with Writers and Rockers Coffee Company where music and coffee unite to create a blend that's as bold and electrifying as the artist behind it called Nikki Stringfield Apocrypha Coffee. Well, we know she can shred, so now let’s see how far up the ladder Nikki takes us on this latest venture.

No surprises on the opening track “No Surrender” delivering exactly what I expected, a heavy, thunderous riff that effortlessly transitions to the heavenly vocals draped over an igniting and razor-sharp start to the album. “The Spell” comes out with a jolty melody and embracing tempo that have you singing along from the get-go and the upbeat vocals that could easily have been the soundtrack of an exercise video. “Where The Demons Lie” is a song about facing down your demons which could be anything from addiction, toxic people/relationships, or self-inflicted traumas is also a straight forward rocking jammer with a nice infusion of beefy riffs and spicy vocals that lead into a deluge of some down and dirty guitar work aided by some haunting harmonies and lyrics: “The pain, it’s real The rage you feel The hate, the guilt The life you steal The love, the lust The lies you trust The fear you feel It’s all too real.” An adventurous choice in covering the hit song from R and B/pop artist SEAL with “Kiss From A Rose” gives us a chance to see the tenderness in Nikki’s vocal range and passionate delivery of her guitar inflection. “Wasting Away” gets right back in the saddle with a blistering onslaught of a furious tempo and aggressive, saturating riff. “As Chaos Consumes" could be the instructional video on what a good, rocking song should sound like, textbook “Rock n Roll 101”.

If it’s a beautiful woman rocking out on the guitar with steamy vocals and edgy lyrics, well then NIKKI SPRINGFIELD and “Apocrypha” are for you.

10 / 10









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"Apocrypha" Track-listing:


1. No Surrender
2. The Spell
3. Where The Demons Lie
4. The Outsider
5. Lunacy
6. Save Me
7. Kiss From A Rose (Seal cover)
8. Flesh and Bones
9. Wasting Away
10. As Chaos Consumes
11. Sweet Insanity
12. Unite


Nikki Stringfield Lineup:


Nikki Stringfield – guitar, vocals

Patrick Kinnison guitar, bass, production

Shad Wilhelm – drums, percussion

Jessie Davidson – bass

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