Archaic Interpretation Of Freedom


I really believe that Metal is living a moment of deep changes. As a proof, […]
October 12, 2015
Neversun - Archaic Interpretation Of Freedom album cover

I really believe that Metal is living a moment of deep changes.

As a proof, I must remind you all of those bands that are coming with different and new views about how to play Metal. And this is good, because Metal, as nature itself, is musical style in constant evolution. It's the famous "survival of the fittest" working for the best. But of course some good and old bands and styles will keep on, because what is good deserves to be preserved. And a good name to be preserved into extreme Metals from German duo NEVERSUN, that brought to us a brutal nightmare in musical form called "Archaic Interpretation Of Freedom".

Using a more melodic and even modern insight to play traditional Death Metal, these guys are really a step ahead many bands from our time. But they keep their roots on the most aggressive sound you can think of as well. And yes, they use blast beats, very aggressive vocals (alternating guttural tunes, a feature not commonly seen on the style), intricate (and melodic) guitar riffs, some good solos, and a powerful, heavy and technical rhythmic session. But don't be mad, they are a Death Metal band, so the extreme Metal fans will have no complains at all.

They really got a very good production, because the quality of the music that flows from the speakers is preciously clean and heavy, so you can hear all the instruments in a good form, but the brutality and strength of the most impacting Death Metal is presented as well, so there's no need to be worried.

Due the homogeneity of their work, is truly hard to choose some best moments, but I dare to name "Far From The Near-Field Of My Soul" (with very good riffs and melodies arising in the middle of excellent tempos), the thunderous and fast "Morbid Passion" (but be prepared to hear some very good and technical drumming here), the nightmarish "Soulless Gear" (a good song, with tempos changes between fast and slow paced ones, presenting very good vocals), and the technical "Prestige is a Lie". But do not dare to throw the other ones out, for they are excellent as well.

So, let's say it once more: the things on Metal are truly changing, but bands as NEVERSUN deserves to be kept alive. And aggressive!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Archaic Interpretation Of Freedom" Track-listing:

1. Far From The Near-Field Of My Soul
2. Embracing The Downfall
3. Morbid Passion
4. Soulless Gear
5. Another Day In Darkness
6. Optimism Is Heavy
7. Prestige Is A Lie

Neversun Lineup:

Blastphemer - Drums
Jan W. - Guitars

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