Teenage Rebel


WOW, what a lovely Hard/Glam Metal this release is! I want to move to Sweden after this!
April 30, 2024

People might think that Hard Rock, Glam Metal and AOR are a modern phenomenon of the Swedish Rock scene, and nothing’s more far from the truth than thinking in this way. Acts as TREAT, 220 VOLT, ELECTRIC BOYS, EUROPE, SHOTGUN MESSIAH and others worked a lot to rise such genres there during the 80s (when the greater part of worldly attentions were turned to Sunset Strip, on California). Today, the country is exporting more and more great names, and here is a veteran of the scene: NESTOR, hailing with “Teenage Rebel”. The sound quality is what one could expect for an album of the genre: defined, huge and with a perfect blend between distorted tunes (that puts things into an aggressive outfit) with a clean appeal (so the melodies become clear to the ears). This model is known since the 80s, but here is presented under a new and updated outfit that make things sound alive and great!

The band was founded back in 1989, and came back to life some years ago (their first album, “Kids in a Ghost Town”, was released on 2021), so the huge appeal into Hard Rock/Glam Metal od the 80s is clean. But you must understand that the band’s music bears a strong personality, mixing influences from names as VAN HALEN (especially due the guitars’ arrangements), BON JOVI on its early days, DOKKEN, RATT, WHITESNAKE (during “1987” days) and others on such way, so you have excellent and accessible choruses tempered with charming melodies (especially because they use valuable keyboards parts to boost the melodic side of their music), but always based on a heavy instrumental keel. And yes, it’s truly amazing! It’s like taking those great moments of the 80s to a modern way, and they did it in an excellent form!

The intro “The Law of Jante” (that presents the voice actress Freya Miller as special guest) defines the tune of the album: young and savage rebellion in form of music, and it’s impossible to not surrender and applaud the quintet. But pay attention to what they present on “We Come Alive” (a fine mix between charming melodies and a catchy chorus, with excellent vocals and keyboards), “Teenage Rebel” (wow, what lovely contrasts between introspective melodic moments with distorted moments, and it’s impossible to not sing along this one, and what great guitar parts, arrangements, and a fiery solo), “Last to Know” (a silky moment with a deeper accessible AOR appeal, without being a ballad in the strong sense of the term), “Victorious” (another extremely melodic and accessible song with a clear AOR influence), “Caroline” (this one is another moment into a more accessible outfit, but such melodic appeal isn’t possible to resist), “The One that Got Away” (this is a ballad with a clear AOR trend similar to that one known from acts as BAD ENGLISH and GIUFFRIA), and… No, no, you must pay attention to “Addicted to Your Love”, “21”, “Unchain My Heart” and “Daughter” as well, because all the songs of the album are truly great!

For fans of Hard Rock, Glam Metal, AOR, Melodic Rock and any other label you want, “Teenage Rebel” is a ‘must-be’ item. And let's hope that NESTOR can keep things in such high level in the future.

10 / 10









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"Teenage Rebel" Track-listing:
  1. The Law of Jante
  2. We Come Alive
  3. Teenage Rebel
  4. Last to Know
  5. Victorious
  6. Caroline
  7. The One that Got Away
  8. Addicted to Your Love
  9. 21
  10. Unchain My Heart
  11. Daughter
Nestor Lineup:

Tobias Gustavsson - Vocals
Jonny Wemmenstedt - Guitars
Marcus Åblad - Bass
Martin Frejinger - Keyboards
Mattias Carlsson - Drums

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