Devil's Breath


"Oh, no! Another boring Old School band!" were the first words that this writer thought […]
October 14, 2013
Nekrofilth - Devil's Breath album cover

"Oh, no! Another boring Old School band!" were the first words that this writer thought with himself when heard this CD, and the impression was, unfortunately, confirmed: North American trio NEKROFILTH, even being a band with some experience, fails miserably with their new CD, "Devil's Breath".

Doing their music in the vein of some European legends like HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST, with some Crossover and Thrash Metal touches, they totally lack of the most important thing when we are talking about a band: to have a personality. It's not enough only to play some instrument and start a band and write music like your idols. The first step is throw away from you're your musical idols.

A nasty sound production that really doesn't affect when I am listening, the instruments, for the guitars, vocals, bass and drums really appear, but it can't save an album. And as nasty as the sound production is the artwork, but we think it's what they aim, so, be their way...

Musically, the band can't escape from the specters they by themselves create and idolatrize, trying to put something more than we already have for 30 years, but they're not up to this.

Some tracks are not so hopeless, as "Wormskull" and "Death Rush", and even all the album's track being short (barely reaching two minutes and some seconds), we have in mind all the time the feeling that we heard that somewhere, so, it's a time loss for the long time and die-hard Headbangers who knows what was done in the 80's. I believe that no more words needs to be said or written.

More personality next time, guys... It's more important to music than trying to sound like ancient bands... And don't try to say that this writer doesn't know what he is talking about: he has been drowning in the Metal scene for 30 years...

3 / 10


"Devil's Breath" Track-listing:

1. Crave the Grave
2. Scum Freak
3. Wormskull
4. Death Rush
5. Deep Inside Disease
6. I'm a Degenerate
7. Crocodile
8. Junkie Cunt
9. Devil's Breath
10. Lead Us to the Death
11. Smear the Sleaze
12. Volcanic Zit
13. Blood Bug

Nekrofilth Lineup:

Zack Ripper - Guitars, Vocals
Tony DaPrano - Bass
Jon B. - Drums

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