Halls of Mythras


In the past, the release of an EP had two main reasons: 1. To show […]
April 12, 2023
Mythraeum - Halls of Mythras album cover

In the past, the release of an EP had two main reasons:

1. To show a band's name and it was an opportunity for an act to show the world its work. In this set you'll find "Merciful Fate", the first official release of the Danish quintet MERCYFUL FATE. 2. It was a material that was release between two albums to keep the name of the band warm, especially if it was growing, and the band didn't have material enough for a complete album, or this material wasn't used on the past album and wouldn't fit on the next one. This is the case of "Haunting the Chapel", of SLAYER. It's not clear in which case "Halls of Mythras", the latest release of the North American quintet MYTHRAEUM would fit, but this is really a very good release.

The band plays a form of classic Black Metal, full of many funereal melodies and with technical appeal (something that's an inheritance of North American Metal School as a whole presents from the influences of the 70's). Of course it's brutal and aggressive as natural for the genre, but in an unusual and particular form (go and check the guitars minimalistic arrangements, and the tunes used on the vocals to understand such words). It's really amazing, full of life and energy, and for sure will call the attention of a wide range of Metal fans. The band mixed the classic 'ugly aesthetics' of Black Metal releases (used to create that morbid and organic feeling) with a defined and refined sonority, things work in a level that is astonishing: you can understand everything that is being played on the songs, It means that they find a sound quality model that allows the band to stay with both feet on Black Metal, but in a form that boost things in terms of comprehension.

The album has two good instrumental songs that work as intros, "Halls of Mythras I" and "Halls of Mythras II", and both of them prepares the fans for the experiences offered on "Terrestrial Despair" (a Black Metal song filled with the right balance between aggressiveness and darkened melodies, but one can check the fine and excellent guitars' riffs and refined arrangements), and "Where Roots Refuse to Cling" (a ferocious songs filled with melodic contrasts, but the rhythmic shifts of bass guitar and drums and the snarls and grunts of the vocals are really amazing). And at the end, the fans will keep asking why in the blazes this release isn't a full album...

Yes, let's hope that "Halls of Mythras" is just a prelude for a soon to come full length. MYTHRAEUM really causes such effect on the listeners!

10 / 10









"Halls of Mythras" Track-listing:

1. Halls of Mythras I
2. Terrestrial Despair
3. Halls of Mythras II
4. Where Roots Refuse to Cling

Mythraeum Lineup:

Plague - Vocals
Wraith - Guitars
Algiz - Guitars
Nick Lepisto - Bass
Hagalaz - Drums

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