Fighting the Monsters

My Hollow

The modern tendencies of Metal can expand into many wide ranges of musical possibilities, because […]
June 9, 2022
My Hollow - Fighting the Monsters album cover

The modern tendencies of Metal can expand into many wide ranges of musical possibilities, because as things are being mixed, created and done with the personal insights of the musicians, the things can be really different from the usual models that all Metalheads are used to. And to make thing even different, the Sasquatch MY HOLLOW comes to turn bones to dust with their latest EP, "Fighting the Monsters".

It's a mix between Progressive Groove Metal (a combination of Groove Metal with Prog Metal aspects, as the care for technical and catchy instrumental arrangements) with some modern Melodic Death Metal influences (it's not a mere coincidence to hear Björn Strid of SOILWORK making some vocals on the title track of the EP). The final result is a form of music full of melodic and modern hooks (especially during the choruses), excellent instrumental parts, and that is plenty of energy and life. What are you waiting for? This EP was produced Greg Gallagher and Sean De Faria, while the mixing and mastering were done by the hands of Tyler Williams. All efforts were done to breed a sound quality that has a massive and aggressive impact, but that allows the sextet to express their musical ideas without leaving doubts about what they're up to.

The five songs are all excellent. On "Vultures", the band balances technique, aggressiveness and very good melodies alike, with a charming work of the guitars, and "Fighting the Monsters" has a tendency towards modern Melodic Death Metal, with fine contrasts between the vocals tunes (from grunts to harsh screams easily), as the lay created by the guitars is amazing. Being the longer track, a lot of is expected from the rhythmic session of the band during "Hell or High Water", and bass guitar and drums shows their massive weight with a good technical insight (and the keyboards arrangements fit perfectly on it as well). During "Faded Through", some Old School Melodic Death Metal influences appear (especially due the charming keyboards parts shaping melodic and aggressive riffs), and "The Iron Harvest" is brutal and oppressive, with charming melodies arising from the keyboards to balance with the aggressiveness of the song. Yes, let's go on another ride, because this EP is really excellent!

As a first time with the band, this writer must state that MY HOLLOW is really impressive, and that "Fighting the Monsters" can make anyone expect great things of their music. Maybe a titan is being born!

10 / 10









"Fighting the Monsters" Track-listing:

1. Vultures
2. Fighting the Monsters
3. Hell or High Water
4. Faded Through
5. The Iron Harvest

My Hollow Lineup:

Graham Gaudreault - Vocals
Greg Gallagher - Guitars
Danio Pirrone - Guitars
Matt Williams - Keyboards
Sean De Faria - Bass
Angelo Giammattolo - Drums

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