Crush the Demons Inside

Mosh-Pit Justice

When dealing with Thrash Metal, the better choice to define a set of musical features […]
January 18, 2023
Mosh-Pit Justice - Crush the Demons Inside album cover

When dealing with Thrash Metal, the better choice to define a set of musical features is doing it by generations (but of course one must be careful, because cases as SLAYER are 'points out of the curve', or in other words, are specific cases), because even sharing the same elements, the First Generation (the first half of the 80's), the Second Generation (the second half of the 80's and part of the 90's), and the actual Third Generation (end of the 90's and from the beginning of the new millennium onward)  are different in many aspects. One fine example of these words can be found on the work of the Hungarian trio MOSH-PIT JUSTICE, as can be heard on "Crush the Demons Inside". Fast and aggressive (but having a melodic care inherited of North American Power Metal of the first half of the 80's as well) as acts of the Second Generation of San Francisco Bay Area (as VIO-LENCE, FORBIDDEN, EVILDEAD, HIRAX and others), heavy as a mammoth and bearing a good instrumental technique, they share another set of influences that are usual of the Third Generation.

It's an update of the old formula, done with personality (for it seems that the band's members have the conscience that they're not a band of the 80's, and do things in their own way. And it means that their work can't be faced as an Old School Thrash Metal band as well). It's really a very good experience to dealing with such release. "Crush the Demons Inside" was recorded at Revenge Studios in Burgas, Bulgaria, having the production of Staffa Vasilev (the band's guitarist and drummer) and of the band. All was done in a way that seems to emulate an organic feeling, but in a form that makes the songs clear and defined, bearing a high level of aggressiveness as well. Of course some instrumental tunes could be better, but the final result is good.

The 8 songs of "Crush the Demons Inside" are all very good, and the fans of Thrash Metal won't have space for complaints, especially due to tracks as "A Moment of Silence" (a massive set of aggressive hooks permeates the fast tempos of this song, with excellent guitar riffs, solos and arrangements), "The Endless Night" (an intricate instrumental moment precedes the violent Thrash Metal eruption that follows, with a hard rhythmic wall built under a very good work of bass guitar and drums), "Worldwide Redemption" (a brutal and fast onslaught with traces of German Thrash Metal school in some moments, and what lovely screamed vocals laid on the instrumental), "My Prophecy" (on this one, the Power Metal melodic influences can be clearly heard in the middle of the Thrash Metal aggressiveness), and "Crush the Demons Inside".

This album is here to celebrate MOSH-PIT JUSTICE's 10th anniversary, but honestly: the fans are receiving a great gift with "Crush the Demons Inside".

8 / 10









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"Crush the Demons Inside" Track-listing:

1. A Moment of Silence
2. The Endless Night
3. Sentenced to Live
4. Worldwide Redemption
5. My Prophecy
6. Get to the Pit
7. Expect More Dead
8. Crush the Demons Inside

Mosh-Pit Justice Lineup:

Georg Peichev - Vocals
Staffa Vasilev - Guitars, Drums
Mariyan Georgiev - Bass

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