Ceremonial Blood Worship

Morbid Sacrifice

A pure Black/Death bloodpuke in the ears is what this album is upo to!
February 17, 2024

The mix between Death Metal and Black Metal isn’t new, and its main features were defined by acts as CELTIC FROST, SARCÓFAGO, VENOM, POSSESSED and others. Some believe that the genre is just the use of a Death Metal musical outfit with satanic lyrics, but such conception is totally wrong, because the sinister outfit of the genre can’t be detected on pure Death Metal acts (and satanic lyrics aren’t enough to define a band as Death Metal as well). Such mix was heard on albums as “I.N.R.I.”, “To Mega Therion” and “Fallen Angel of Doom” (of the Canadian legendary act BLASPHEMY), and the formula is used even today, as heard on “Ceremonial Blood Worship”, the second full length of the Italian quartet MORBID SACRIFICE.

The album was recorded at Macabro Bunker Recordings, April the 21th 2023, with M. Desekrator working on the production (and who previously worked on studio with band as DEATHFUCKER, BLACK EJACULATION, EXTIRPATION, VOMITMANTIK and others), and the final result is something bleak and organic, with an old fashioned appeal in terms of Death/Black Metal, but always in a defined way where everything can be understood. Musically, the quartet works on a trench that could be easily described as Old School Black/Death Metal, with influences of acts between the turn of the 80s to the 90s. It’s simple, aggressive and nasty, plenty with clear influences inherited from Black/Thrash Metal (it’s not a coincidence of the band making a version for SODOM’s “Conjuration”) and Hardcore/D-Beat. But even with such old fashioned way, they show personality and a massive flow of aggressive energy.

As the album plays, the fans will be entangled by the quartet’s music easily, especially during songs as “Venomous Messiah” (an Old School Death/Black Metal song with good tempo changes and that is filled with simple and good guitar riffs), “Bloodsoaked Salvation” (a caustic and brutal song based on contrasts between nasty slow tempos with fast ones, and the low grunts of the vocals fill all the spaces), “Serpent of Abomination” (the scent of Hardcore is clear in some moments, but the strength of bass guitar and drums on the rhythms is truly good to hear), and “Bleed for the Horned King” are the best ones (and of course you’re not thinking on leaving their Black/Death Metal version for “Conjuration” left aside, are you?).

“Ceremonial Blood Worship” depicts that MORBID SACRIFICE is here to stay and deafen ears. And if you’re a fan of Old School Death/Black Metal, this album is surely for you.

8 / 10









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"Ceremonial Blood Worship" Track-listing:
  1. Ceremonial Blood Worship
  2. Venomous Messiah
  3. Bloodsoaked Salvation
  4. Cremation Ritual
  5. Conjuration
  6. Serpent of Abomination
  7. Bleed for the Horned King
  8. Alucarda
Morbid Sacrifice Lineup:

ThroatVomit - Vocals
BloodSpiller - Guitars
WitchFucker - Bass, Vocals
SkinEater - Drums

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