Roses In Ruins

Modern Mimes

This Modern/Alternative Metal act really gurads some surprises for the fans.
April 24, 2024

A new tendency is arising since two or three years ago: the release of Singles instead of full-lengths or EPs. They’re cheaper to be done, easier to spread and hard to be downloaded on illegal forms (why in the blazes do such thing if it’s just a song? It’s better to pay and evade further headaches), and it’s a depiction of a time where bands don’t earn money from selling albums, but on doing shows and long tours. Maybe one of these reasons is the one for the trio MODERN MIMES, from Florida (USA) brings “Roses in Ruins”, a Single.

The band had some changes on its lineup since the release of their previous album (“Portals”, released on 2022), and the recordings here (where the drums are played by Harley, the new drummer). Only one song isn’t to speak about a band’s musical work, but here, they can be said as in a Modern/Alternative Metal way that binds the greasy and dirty aggressiveness of the modern tendencies with very good melodies and a refined technical appeal. It’s intense, heavy and bitter, but melodic and hard to resist. The production was done to boost the modern aspects of the band’s music, but to allow contrasts to be heard as well. It works in a very good way, making things sound in an aggressive and heavy way, but with a defined outfit.

An idea is that “Roses in Ruins” came to show the world that the band is still alive, and that is musically evolving (the playing of Harley is amazingly heavy and thunderous), but keeping melodies and ‘math Metalcore’ elements (due some broken tempos), some effects from keyboards, excellent guitars parts and arrangements (Ernesto really is a talented musician), a solid bass playing (another contribution of Ernesto) and excellent vocals (that uses sharp and melodic tunes of voices, then shift to more tender ones, what depict the musical talent of Adi). Another idea is that “Roses in Ruins” creates a link between the past and the future to come.

The fans of the band will keep in love with their musical work, but for now, “Roses in Ruins” serves as a delicious aperitif for a future album of MODERN MIMES.

8 / 10









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"Roses In Ruins" Track-listing:
  1. Roses in Ruins
Modern Mimes Lineup:

Adi Elcida Hernandez - Vocals
Ernesto Paez - Guitars, Bass
Harley Mitchell - Drums

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