Miserable Failure

WOW, short and hard down in your face!!! This is what the French quartet MISERABLE […]
February 24, 2014
Miserable Failure - Hope album cover

WOW, short and hard down in your face!!!

This is what the French quartet MISERABLE FAILURE brings to us with "Hope", their EP.

A blood puke and insane Grindcore is what the band is about, bring big doses of chaos, destruction and fun to us all, besides the non-used fans will have their years giving phone sound for "busy" lasting hours.

Insane vocals (it's in a not very conventional way, in high pitches during the great part of time), brutal riffs from guitar, bass and drums as fast as you can thing, without losing their timing. And if your mother doesn't say anything for hearing this EP, don't worry: she's deaf due their music.

And be prepared for the attack; for the sound production had done a good job for them, making their music sound oppressive and harsh, but without dirtying it a lot. It's clear and extremely brute!

And the time you ol' Big Daddy here took to write is enough to hear their EP several times, for their songs are very short, and all four tracks are fine, being the best ones "The Blueprints of Self-Disgust" and "This World Ain't Mine".

This is the medicine that the good doctor said to some kinds of music that really annoy us all! And a perfect pesticide for Brazilian Funk.

8 / 10


"Hope" Track-listing:

1. The Blueprints of Self-Disgust
2. One More Reason to Set this World on Fire
3. Goodbye and Good Riddance
4. This World Ain't Mine

Miserable Failure Lineup:

Bleu - Vocals
Rom "Maldito" Sanchez - Guitars, low vocals
John Culbuto - Bass
Elvis Jagger Abdul Jabbar - Drums

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