There Goes the Neighbourhood

Midnite City

They call it Hard Rock in the past, Glam Metal since a little time ago, […]
October 18, 2018
Midnite City - There Goes the Neighbourhood album cover

They call it Hard Rock in the past, Glam Metal since a little time ago, and now Melodic Rock. No, the labels are describing the same musical formula that was a commercial success on the 80's. It's a genre of Heavy Metal/Rock 'n' Roll, and it's amazing to see (and hear) its rebirth since the first half of the past decade. And how's good is to hear "There Goes the Neighbourhood", the second album from English quintet MIDNITE CITY. Yes, they're back for one more round, so be prepared to be knocked out.

No matter how you'll call their music, it's the old rebel genre from the 80's, created with excellent melodies and truly near from names as BON JOVI, JOURNEY and others from the same School, focused on creating charming melodies, hooking choruses and all those cool features for those who wants to enjoy a good time without thinking on daily life problems, or some trash ideas like "true Metal". No, they're here to make you have fun with their music, and do we really need something more from music? As happened on "Midnite City" (their first album), Pete Newdeck once more took the control of the production, engineering and mixing duties. The sound is really amazing, with very good instrumental tunes (that fits on the musical accessibility they have with the modern feeling that their work demand), and balancing perfectly weight, aggressiveness and melodies, all with a clear and powerful insight. Yes, it's not perfect, but it's excellent.

Musically, "There Goes the Neighbourhood" is that kind of album that you'll hear time and time again without becoming bored of it. And it's hard to point to some song as their finest moment. For a referential frame for the readers (and to keep the fingers of my editor-in-chief away from my neck), the "put-the-house-down" melodic impact of "Here Comes the Party" (that presents an amazing chorus, excellent backing vocals and guitars), the lovely accessibility of "Give Me Love" (this song is one of those ones that would be a radio success on the 80's due its fine melodies on the keyboards and arrangements on bass guitar and drums), the charming seduction of the chorus presented on "Life Ain't Like This on the Radio", the silky aggressive touch presented on "We're Gonna Make It" and on "Tonight You're All I Need" (both have excellent vocals that can be heard laid on an accessible instrumental basis), the Pop Rock gluing parts of "Hard to Get Over" (excellent keyboards parts, indeed), and the double Glam/Hard dose of excellent harmonies of "Gave Up Giving Up" and "Until the End". The other songs that weren't mentioned are just excellent as these ones.

It's a pity that their albums aren't released here in Brazil, for I'd buy them both. So as the readers live on other countries, buy a copy of "There Goes the Neighbourhood", go to a show of MIDNITE CITY and have a great time.

10 / 10









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"There Goes the Neighbourhood" Track-listing:

1. Here Comes the Party
2. Give Me Love
3. You Don't Understand
4. Life Ain't Like This on the Radio
5. We're Gonna Make It
6. Tonight You're All I Need
7. Hard to Get Over
8. Takes One to Know One
9. Heaven's Falling
10. Gave Up Giving Up
11. Until the End

Midnite City Lineup:

Rob Wylde - Vocals
Miles Meakin - Guitars
Shawn Charvette - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Josh 'Tabbie' Williams - Bass, Backing Vocals
Pete Newdeck - Drums, Backing Vocals

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