Human Deception


The end of the 80s brought Metal and Glam Metal scenes under the menace of […]
August 17, 2023
Methedras - Human Deception album cover

The end of the 80s brought Metal and Glam Metal scenes under the menace of Alternative Rock (before Grunge invasion, JANE'S ADDICTION reached commercial success with "Ritual de lo Habitual", and it can be said as the first echoes that things were about to change). But as everything causes an answer, one can say that "Cowboys from Hell", of PANTERA, set the foundations of Groove Metal and Groove/Thrash Metal (and other genres came of its formula), enabling younger bands of extreme Genres of Metal to go to another level. And the Italian quartet METHEDRAS is one of the inheritors of such load, as can be heard on "Human Deception". Their musical work is a mix between Groove/Thrash Metal aspects of the past with the modern outfit of Thrash Metal of the late years of the 90s (one could say that THE HAUNTED's music of its early works is presented as well) with some modern touches and even brutal elements of Death Metal in some parts.

It's technical, full of the abrasive Groove Metal touches, and with a savage and ferocious energy flowing from the speakers, but always with excellent hooks coming from subjective melodies (pay attention to some moments on "Envy Society" and "Another Fall" to check such thing) that binds everything together. It sounds actual and full of life, but with brutal aggressive impact fed by groove touches, so it's the album that is worthy of being experienced and enjoyed by all Metal fans. The band worked on studio with Fredrik Nordström (of course everyone know who he is), who did the recordings, mixing and mastering of the album. And the sonority shaped is violent, modern and with a 'punch-in-your-face' impact, but with everything shaped to be understandable, with all the details clean to the ears. And the band got two special guys working with them: Francesco Ferrini (of Italian Death Metal masters of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE) for orchestrations on five songs, and Giacomo Gastaldi.

"Human Deception" can be said as a 'link' between the past and the present, enabling the quartet to go with open eyes into the future. And all the 10 songs of the album are excellent, but taste "Know It All" (a brutal and oppressive song with excellent groove elements and with excellent guitar riffs and arrangements, along with strategic backing vocals), "Envy Society" (the load of aggressiveness becomes even more clear, with everything based on an excellent work of bass guitar and drums), "Injected Thoughts" (another song with excellent catchy Groove/Thrash Metal parts and a very good guitar solo), "Another Fall" (this one shows some modern Metal elements and some orchestrations, but there are some excellent melodies with harsh vocals contrasting with clean moments in a Metalcore way), "A New Deal" (this one is fast and furious, full of aggressive hooks the keep the attention of the fans), "Chernobyl" (a chaotic song filled with orchestral parts, with a dramatic outfit under its aggressiveness due the lyrical theme dealt), "Psychotic" (another moment where the quartet coquets with modern Metal elements, but be careful with the ears), and "The Abyss" (be prepared for the blast beats) and you'll see what means to be renewed without losing the identity.

METHEDRAS did a great work on "Human Deception", and the fans will love it for sure. And by the way, it's the first release of the quartet with Beppe "Rex" Caruso (vocals) and Edo Sala (drums).

10 / 10









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"Human Deception" Track-listing:

1. Know It All
2. Envy Society
3. Injected Thoughts
4. Another Fall
5. Enraged
6. A New Deal
7. Chernobyl
8. Psychotic
9. The Abyss
10. Layers of Grief

Methedras Lineup:

Rex Caruso - Vocals
Daniele Colombo - Guitars
Andrea Bochi - Bass
Edo Sala - Drums

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