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When a band starts, its main genre is a decision that the musicians take some […]
February 9, 2019
Metal Inquisitor - Panopticon album cover

When a band starts, its main genre is a decision that the musicians take some time consciously of what they're doing. Yes, because things aren't so easy, for in the future things can change in a way that you'll regret the decision of following such path, or the changes on the line-up will be frequent. This fact doesn't seem to happen on the case of METAL INQUISITOR, a German quintet that comes with their latest album, "Panopticon".

To begin this review, a thing must be stated: their main genre (a mix between traditional Heavy Metal and German Power Metal from the 80's, with a heavy influence from JUDAS PRIEST and by the NWOBHM as well) isn't something that can be call new. It's good recollection of old clichés from the genre, but in a way that sounds very good, with charming melodies, good choruses, and a good technical level. But one feature on their music must evolve a bit more: the vocals. El Rojo isn't a bad singer, but his voice could do something better that would fit in a better way in their music. It's just a tip, not a heavy criticism.

 "Panopticon" was produced, recorded and mixed at Gates of Dawn Studio, and mastered at HOFA-Studios. The main idea that guided the production was to keep the sound clean and heavy, but in an Old School way. It's far away from sounding crude and outdated, and it keeps the idea of an album that was recorded in the simplest way possible, with analogue technologies and not with endless digital editions. It's very good, indeed, but the choice for better instrumental tunes (especially on the guitars) is demanded for their next work.

Their music is heavily influenced by the old days, so don't ask something modern. It can sound somewhat artificial in many moments, but songs as the charming "Free Fire Zone" (very good melodies that are easy to understand, and a good work from the guitars), "Change of Front" with its energetic feeling, the headbanging insight of "Beyond Nightmares" (a solid and strong rhythmic work can be heard, what means that bass guitar and drums did a fine job), the very good harmonies shown on "Shock Tactics", the Hard 'n' Heavy feeling that fills "Scent of Fear", and the fast "Discipline and Punish" (here the vocals are doing a good work, and they fit on the instrumental) are where the quintet shows its talent to make Heavy Metal.

METAL INQUISITOR is an old band that needs a better producer on the successor of "Panopticon", to create a better sound quality for them. But it's good for now and will gain more fans with it.

8 / 10









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"Panopticon" Track-listing:

1. Free Fire Zone
2. Change of Front
3. Beyond Nightmares
4. Trial by Combat
5. Shock Tactics
6. Re-Sworn the Oath
7. Scent of Fear
8. War of the Priests
9. Discipline and Punish

Metal Inquisitor Lineup:

El Rojo - Vocals
Blumi - Lead Guitars
T.P. - Rhythm Guitar
Cliff - Bass
Havoc - Drums

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