Mega Colossus

A very good Heavy Metal/Melodic Metal release of this North American act.
March 14, 2024

There are moments when a ‘back-2-basics’ form of music is needed, especially when people are used to new and complex musical expressions. It’s good to turn back into 70s Metal, NWOBHM, US Metal or Hard Rock sometimes, because it can bring back the energy and will to do things. It can be faced as a time for refreshment, a thing that everyone needs to have from time to time. And “Showdown”, the new full length of the North American quintet MEGA COLOSSUS, is a fine detox for such moments. Al Jacob helped the band with the recordings that were done at Warrior Sound in Chapel Hill (at North Carolina homeland of the band), in early 2023.

The idea was to construct a sonority that could be simple and organic, in a way that could resemble old works of the 80s, but with improvements of the modern recording technologies. And the idea came to life in a good way, because things are clean and defined in a good level, but as simple as they could get. And it’s in a way that fits on their musical work. The music of the quintet is labeled as melodic Metal, but in reality, it’s a combination of melodic influences of early NWOBHM, US Metal and Hard Rock, but always with an abrasive energy flowing from the melodic lines. But’s catching, full of hooking choruses and weight, with excellent guitars and solid rhythms from bass guitar and drums, all to create a strong instrumental sheath for the vocals and backing vocals, Simple, and efficient, melodic and heavy, it’s the right form of music to enjoy a good time.

“Fortune and Glory” and “Outrun Infinity” show a fine mix between guitar duets in a NWOBHM sense with fine arrangements (especially on the guitar parts and backing vocals), and with energy enough to blow the walls. “Grab the Sun” brings the band into a more moderate speed, but with tons of weight (as can be heard on bass guitar and drums rhythmic arrangements), and “Showdown” is a more accessible song with excellent melodies. “Warden of the Wicked Road” depicts as acts as KANSAS and BLUE ÖYSTER CULT are important influences for US Metal acts (due the structure of the choirs and the ability of being accessible without losing the heavy grasp), with very good vocals. And “Take to the Skies” is another fine song with abrasive weight entangling with charming melodies, and can seduce the hearers easily.

“Showdown” is the band’s fourth album, and although it sounds uncompromised, it can take MEGA COLOSSUS to a new level of public recognition by the fans. Listen to it and enjoy!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Showdown" Track-listing:
  1. Fortune and Glory
  2. Outrun Infinity
  3. Grab the Sun
  4. Showdown
  5. Warden of the Wicked Road
  6. Take to the Skies
Mega Colossus Lineup:

Sean Buchanan - Vocals
Bill Fischer - Guitars, Vocals
Chris Millard - Guitars, Vocals
Anthony Micale - Bass
Doza Mendoza - Drums

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