Blood Moon


When you’re an all-female band and get referred to as “The Housewives of Heavy Metal” or “Josie and the Pussycats” you pull up your big girl pants and show the music world that “you’ve got balls” and can definitely hang with the boys, and that’s exactly what Meanstreak accomplished with their latest release.
March 14, 2024

MEANSTREAK the all-female metal band from New York that formed in 1985 by guitarists Marlene Portnoy and Rena Sands Petrucci who along with bandmates Bettina France (vocals), Martens Myung (bass), and Yael Rallis (drums), forged their way into male dominated territory becoming one of the first all-female thrash metal bands have returned after a thirty-year hiatus with their self-released EP “Blood Moon” on February 2, 2024. With influences such as IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and METALLICA, they were true pioneers for women in metal and recorded an album with legendary producer Alex Perialas at Pyramid Sound in Ithaca, NY., their 1988 release “Roadkill” put them on the metal charts and landed them spots as the supporting act to nationally touring bands such as OVERKILL, MANOWAR, ANTHRAX and MOTÖRHEAD. From 1985-1994 they headlined shows at legendary clubs such as L’Amour, The Cat Club, The Limelight, CBGB’s and The China Club in NYC, as well as many other famed venues. Their album “Roadkill” is considered one of the best female thrash metal albums of all time. They took a break in 1994 to raise their families as well as explore other musical projects and reunited bringing back their hard hitting, melodic, heavy metal blend to the studio and stage in 2022. MEANSTREAK recently concluded a U.S tour in support of DREAM THEATER members John Petrucci's successful solo tour and reunion with Mike Portnoy.

No messing around as they get right to the point on “Giant Speaks” with a storm trooping bombardment of fast and furious explosive banging riff setting the pace as the clean, tight vocals penetrate through the beefy bass and drum hits that combine for a monstrous rocking sound. “Rubberneck” will have your neck feeling like a rubber band from all the head banging on this high energy, anthem laced song paced by the super-fast tempo that almost had a “punk” vibe without crossing that line. A more darkened, gritty track on “Oh Father” that delivers a mysterious backdrop of enthralling and sinister melody creating a tormented song of debauchery and anguish as the guitars take center stage and takes off to a vicious, ramming speed tempo with a nice, kick-ass guitar solo. “The Dark Gift” takes us through the meat grinder with eccentrically haunting and intoxicating vocals, paired with head freezing, blistering riffs and bombastic drum licks to complete a thrill ride of an album.

Welcome back ladies, the thirty-year wait was definitely worth it. A wonderfully composed album with flashy melodies, memorable hooks, straight forward guitar solos, all beautifully tied together with powerful stellar vocals.

Check out our Podcast interview on Creativity Talkin episode #507 on YouTube with Rena, Yael and Bettina discussing the album, their career and much more

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Blood Moon" Track-listing:


1. Giant Speaks

2. Rubberneck

3. Oh Father

4. The Dark Gift


Meanstreak Lineup:


Bettina France - Vocals 

Martens Myung - Bass 

Yael Rallis - Drums 

Marlene Portnoy - Guitar 

Rena Sands Petrucci - Guitar


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