The Prophecy is Broken


In Italy, there's a great tradition in Metal: the country gives birth to a lot […]
January 1, 2016
Maya - The Prophecy is Broken album cover

In Italy, there's a great tradition in Metal: the country gives birth to a lot of bands from each Metal style you can think of. But of course that after the success of RHAPSODY OF FIRE on their earlier works (and even on the recent ones), an Italian invasion from Symphonic Power Metal occurred. And in the same vein is the fine quintet MAYA, that arrives with their first album, "The Prophecy is Broken".

Their music has a very good technical level, but not as fast as some could think, and not so epic. It reminds a lot the same feeling we can find earlier works from YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. But they know exactly what they are doing in each song they play, with a very good use of melodic vocals (an important feature on Italian Power Metal, mind you all), a fine work done on guitars, bass and drums forming a good and heavy rhythmic session, and here, there are very good keyboards presenting some orchestrations, but in the greater part of time, the band, as a whole, is worried in being an unit, without individual virtuous demonstrations, what turns their work really tasty for us all.

On the sound quality, we must say that they got a good work on the production, mixing and mastering. It could be better in some aspects (as on the tunes on the guitars), but they got a fine result, with their music sounding clear, technical and heavy in the same way. It's good, indeed, but not perfect.

The album has 9 very good songs, all of them showing a great potential.

As their best songs on "The Prophecy is Broken", we could take the climatic and melodic "Kukulkan" (with very good keyboards and vocals filling all the spaces, but some percussions seems to be present as well), the tender "Spirit" (a very good melodies and guitars, but as it seems to a ballad, I think it would be better to be a little ahead, four or five songs), the excellent "The Prophecy is Broken" (and the band works as an unit, presenting a very good work on all instruments, and with very good rhythmic changes and excellent choruses), the powerful "Strangers" (again fine melodies arise from their guitar riffs and keyboards), and "The Day After".

A very good name for the future, and by now, they are good.<

7 / 10


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"The Prophecy is Broken" Track-listing:

1. Kukulkan
2. Spirit
3. Treasure World
4. The Prophecy is Broken
5. Fight
6. Strangers
7. The Chosen Ones
8. The Day After
9. Deja Vu

Maya Lineup:

Amerigo Vitiello - Vocals
Alex Mognoni - Guitars
Daniele Chierichetti - Keyboards
Alessandro Quadrelli - Bass
Mirco Petocchi - Drums

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