Desecration and Enchantment


Two songs of a Death Metal future driving force on USA!!!!
January 11, 2024

Thanks to the resistance given by collectors, the market for physical media is still alive. Vinyl disks, CDs, K7 and all old and good stuff are still in use and having appeal with the fans, especially into the underground scene (it seems that mainstream bands gave up on such market). And using such form, here is the North American quintet MAUL with their latest release, the EP “Desecration and Enchantment” that is presented only on digital and K7 versions.

The content is two songs (3 on the K7 tape) that depicts a massive and aggressive Old School North American Death Metal, but with some traces of evolution here and there (some traits that belongs to more experimental acts on Avant-garde tendencies, as the synthesizers and samples parts heard on “Disintegration of the Soul”), and a good technical level on the instruments. It depicts that the quintet is trying to open a personal way using the old and known elements of the genre, and it’s really worthy of being heard an enjoyed by the fans. And this EP can satisfy fans of Avant-garde Death Metal and traditional Death Metal as well.

Adam Tucker was hired by the band on the recordings, mixing and mastering of the EP, and he created a massive and aggressive sonority that can fit on the models used by the genre, but with a defined sound that enables the fans to understand what’s being expressed by the band. The artwork - a creation of S. Deloria Black Wolf - depicts more traditional way into Death Metal. And as invited guest, here is Isthmus of Styx creating and playing the synthesizers and samples parts.

Musically, both “The Sacred and the Profane/Hovering, Sinking” (very good guitar riffs and nightmare-like vocals contrasting with the guttural grunts and screams) and “Disintegration of the Soul” (extremely solid rhythms and heavy artillery used by bass guitar and drums) are depicting a band that keeps its roots on the most traditional way possible on North American Death Metal model, but that dares to use the Avant-garde elements in the middle of their songs, creating something that is really different. It’s very good, but the band can dare a bit more, they have guts and potential for it. “Worshipping Self-Deviance” (the third track presented on the K7 tape) is into a more traditional Death Metal form (yes, I looked for it just to give you all such info).

Sometimes, EPs represent a turning point in a band’s musical work, so let’s hope that “Desecration and Enchantment” is such a thing for MAUL. They’re good enough for it.

8 / 10









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"Desecration and Enchantment" Track-listing:
  1. The Sacred and the Profane/Hovering, Sinking
  2. Disintegration of the Soul
  3. Worshipping Self-Deviance (K7 bonus track)
Maul Lineup:

Garrett Alvarado - Vocals
Anthony Lamb - Guitars
Al Nicholas - Guitars
Mike Griggs - Bass
Robby Anderson - Drums

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