Mask Of Satan

What makes a band a good musical promise for the future to come? Well, there […]
January 12, 2016
Mask Of Satan - Demo album cover

What makes a band a good musical promise for the future to come?

Well, there are different ways to be labeled in this way, but to be honest, it's a matter of what the band has to offer to the public, to Metal legions worldwide, especially in times like this one we are living, with internet and its tools to spread names as far as they can. And the Death Metal trio MASK OF SATAN, from Finland, can become a great name of the style in a near future, because what we hear on their first Demo is something really good.

Their music is a mix between an aggressive way on Old School Death Metal with some Black Metal influences. But when we speak about Finnish Metal, you must be aware that those lands gave to Metal names as BEHERIT, and have a strong tradition in creating extreme music; so up to date you can feel on their guttural grunts (with some agonizing screams here and there), sickening guitars (with solos being played by P. Koistinen, a special guest), and solid rhythmic kitchen makes a great potential for the future. But by now, their music is really good.

This Demo was recorded at MoS-cave, with mixing and mastering done by M (the band's vocalist and bassist), and the result is something harsh, raw and bitter, but with a level of clearness that allows us to comprehend what they are playing. Of course their instrumental tunes could be better, but it's a Demo. It doesn't need to have a super sound quality at all.

"Serpent Brew" is bitter and raw, showing nasty tempos (some moments slow and other on a mean speed) but the aggressiveness is really sharp, and we can hear a very good work done on drums. On "Empty Coffins", we have another not so fast song, showing very good grunts and rhythmic changes, the same elements he hear on "Asmodeus" (but this one has some really good guitars, and a sickening solo, and some agonizing clean vocals). And ending the Demo, we have the abrasive "Mask Of Satan", a distorted nightmare with some really morbid riffs and vocals once more.

One curiosity - the band's name comes from an old Italian horror film, called "La Machera Del Demonio", from 1960.

MASK OF SATAN really is a very good name for the future to come, and this Demo can be heard and downloaded at their profile on Bandcamp.

8 / 10


"Demo" Track-listing:

1. Serpent Brew
2. Empty Coffins
3. Asmodeus
4. Mask Of Satan

Mask Of Satan Lineup:

M - Bass, Vocals
O - Drums
S - Guitars

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