Guilty Pleassures


Rock 'n' Roll is a musical genre where the bands must have some fun with […]
May 23, 2019
Märvel - Guilty Pleassures album cover

Rock 'n' Roll is a musical genre where the bands must have some fun with what they are playing. There are no ways to play Rock 'n' Roll and Metal if they're not inside your heart, because the professional thing of musicians doesn't work in both genres. And if you're looking for some funny music, "Guilty Pleasures" from MÄRVEL was done exactly for you. The Swedish trio plays their music into a Rock 'n' Roll way that sounds savage in some moments, on others is extremely melodic, but always tasteful. And with "Guilty Pleasures", they playing a set of versions they created for old songs from bands that don't need to be Metal, Rock 'n' Roll or other genre in this way. And the album's songs are really great, mixing a very good melodic insight with a feral and silky aggressive touch. Yes, they're truly good, even not being something different from what the fans didn't heard before. The sound production found a midway between the harsh and nasty Rock 'n' Roll approach of their musical work with the needed sound clarity. Yes, it works in an amazing way, creating the right ambiance for the listener to enjoy this savage ride through "Guilty Pleasures".

On the album, you'll hear versions for songs from Pop Rock, Hard Rock, AOR and even Europop, all of them with the DNA of the band. But "All for the Glory" (a KISS' song), the Rock 'n' Soul taste of "Keep Pushin'" (a song of REO SPEEDWAGON that has a feeling like the same one you'll find on the work of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA), the excellent Pop Rock hooking energy of "Ten O'Clock Postman" (from a Synth Pop band from the 80's called SECRET SERVICE) and of "Powertrip" (of Dave Wyndorf, with some bass guitar parts reminding MOTÖRHEAD), the mix between the Pop elegance of TOTO (the band that owns the original version) with the rough feeling of the trio presented on "Girl Goodbye", and their incredible version for DIRE STRAITS old hymn "Sultans of Swing" are the ones that will make the listener buy the album at any cost. The others are just amazing.

MÄRVEL is a kind of band that deserves the praise, and you'll love "Guilty Pleasures" for sure.

9 / 10

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"Guilty Pleassures" Track-listing:

1. All for the Glory
2. Keep Pushin'
3. Ten O'Clock Postman
4. Powertrip
5. Girl Goodbye
6. Sultans of Swing
7. El Camino Real
8. Can't Shake Loose
9. Burning Love
10. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

Märvel Lineup:

John Steen - Guitars, Vocals
Ulrik Bodstedt - Bass
Tony Samuelsson - Drums

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