Ghost Town


One thing that Big Daddy here will never understand, is the trend that is inside […]
March 4, 2015
Madhour - Ghost Town album cover

One thing that Big Daddy here will never understand, is the trend that is inside Metal now: to try to be as things where back on the 80's...

Jeans jackets full of bottoms and patches, tight pants, white tennis shoes, nothing of that really makes a good "metallian" or can bring back that era feeling. No, time never goes backwards, no matter what someone can say or think. Of course you can try to make something bring 80's elements on your music, it's nothing wrong with that, but no one can be a new VENOM, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, WARLOCK, DESTRUCTION or RUNNING WILD. What they did back then is done, and no one can really take what they did and do better now simply. What you can do now is to be influenced by their and create your own music. Remake a thing is not create it, remind it. And the Italian quintet MADHOUR still have a long way to go, to learn how things work, for "Ghost Town" is full of good intentions, but it nothing more than a copy.

Here, you'll find a band trying to make the same way of earlier Germanic Heavy/Thrash Metal bands. Something like a mix of ACCEPT with WARLOCK and RUNNING WILD, and some touches of earlier HELLOWEEN works (before "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I"), and even some elements from DESTRUCTION on "Sentence of Death" times. But the mold feeling is extremely clear on their work. It lacks of personality!

The sound quality is good, with all instruments appearing in their due places, and it seems that this is the only thing with a modern feeling here. The rest is a fully 80's copy.

Of course they have energy and weight, as you can hear on songs as "Beginning of Disaster" and "Hour of the Mad", but the lack of personality is perceptible in the entire album. The guitars have a cool work sometimes, the rhythmic basis too, but the vocals really need to evolve more, because the tunes used on the entire album sometimes are annoying.

Guys, please, you're not an 80 band, so do not try to be one. Be influence, of course, but leave the 80's where they are and be what you are.<

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Ghost Town" Track-listing:

1. Killing Season
2. I Am Violence
3. Beginning of Disaster
4. Wrong Reality
5. Hour of the Mad
6. Innsmouth Rebirth
7. Dead Men Eyes
8. River of Blood
9. Soul in the Dark
10. Straight Through the Eyes

Madhour Lineup:

Lau - Vocals
Paul - Lead Guitar
Sarah - Rhythm Guitar
Ul Teo - Bass
Michele - Drums

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