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If someone could study deeper into music's history, after religious needs, music was born to […]
October 29, 2020
Mad Sin - Unbreakable album cover

If someone could study deeper into music's history, after religious needs, music was born to be fun, to celebrate happy moments. So to hear something that was conceived to be fun demands from the fans an open mind, and to undress from some conceptions. It's an advisement to face "Unbreakable", the new album from German maniacs of MAD SIN. Their music is a fun mix between elements from Hardcore, Punk Rock, Psychobilly, Rock 'n' Roll, Country, Blues and whatever you can think off in some moments. It's truly hooking, with that nasty and rough approach that these guys show since they came to life in 1987. But the energy, melodies and unexpected contrasts between their musical influences creates something fun and catchy that hammers into the ears. It's almost impossible to resist to their music, so surrender, relax and hear to the show. It deserves!

The sound quality of "Unbreakable" is dry and crude, in a way that all instruments are sounding clean and defined (but somewhat bearing a 'rigid' feeling). So everything can be understood in a very good way. To some it can sound strangely rough, but it's the way that fits on the band's musical work in the best way possible. Their musical way is extremely personal, and it doesn't seem that the quintet has some special worry on commercial needs. But songs as "Are You Ready?" (with its mix between Punk Rock and Psychobilly, with a great work from bass guitar and drums), the Country Rock soul of "Moon Over Berlin" (very good vocals and backing vocals) and of "Alles ist Schlecht" (this is a fun song, that kind that can cause riots on the shows due the savage energy), the Pogo inciting song called "Aggression" (very good melodies), the Country energy that permeates "Shine a Light", the Punk Rock/Rock 'n' Roll appeal of "House of Fun" and of "Till Death Do Us Part", the fast draw songs called "Totgesagte Leben Länger" and "Unbreakable" are the ones to hear while drinking some beer and having a great time.

MAD SIN came to shoot down dead all compromises and "Unbreakable" is that kind of album to hear and enjoy during endless hours. It's truly fun, so it's truly good!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Unbreakable" Track-listing:

1. The Awakening (Intro)
2. Are You Ready?
3. Moon Over Berlin
4. Alles ist Schlecht
5. Hallucinate
6. Aggression
7. Shine a Light
8. House of Fun
9. All my Friends
10. Till Death Do Us Part
11. Memento Mori
12. Something's Wrong
13. Totgesagte Leben Länger
14. Kill Girl
15. The Long Hard Road Back from Hell
16. Unbreakable

Mad Sin Lineup:

Köfte DeVille - Vocals
Andy Kandil - Lead Guitar
Manny Anzaldo - Guitar
St. Valle - Double Bass
KO Ristolainen - Drums

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