Master Of Space And Time

Mad Dragzter

To play Thrash Metal, here in Brazil, is a great legacy and a tradition since […]
October 28, 2015
Mad Dragzter - Master Of Space And Time album cover

To play Thrash Metal, here in Brazil, is a great legacy and a tradition since the 80's. Even with all difficulties here on those times (expensive musical instruments and studios, the lack of understanding how to record Metal albums, the lack of money and time, and other trials), some bands became legends into Metal scene worldwide, as SEPULTURA. Since 15 or 20 years ago, the Thrash Metal school here became full of sound diversities, with many and different bands arising. Of course we have many clones here, but the greater part is trying to make music with quality. And one of the best names is from veteran band MAD DRAGZTER, from São Paulo, that is releasing their new album, "Master of Space and Time".

MAD DRAGZTER is a Thrash Metal band with good melodies, which, I sometimes like to call Classic Thrash Metal; explaining myself: Classic Thrash Metal is a label used to refer to bands that has great influence from bands as old METALLICA, MEGADEATH and TESTAMENT. The main difference MAD DRAGZTER has is in technical insight in the songs, with very good tempo changes and very good refrains. It's nothing new at all, but they're different from others, and they are not copying other bands' works. Let me tell you - this album is a great arsenal of excellent guitar riffs and solos, as has a great and technical work done by rhythmic session and great vocal duties.

"Master of Space and Time" was produced by the guitarist Gabriel Spazziani, with mastering done by Maurício Gargel. The final result is quite aggressive and dry, but with a clearness that we can understand what they are playing; yes, it's very good, indeed.

The album is excellent from the beginning to its very end, and personally, I point to "Almighty" (with very good chorus on a fast and hooking song, showing very good melodies), "Valley of Dry Bones" (that presents very good tempo changes, with a fine work on bass guitar and drums), the excellent "Master of Space and Time" (again a song with many tempo changes, from slower to faster ones, what demands a lot from the drummer, but he is doing great here), the catching "Army of Truth" (where traditional Heavy Metal and Hard Rock melodies gather in the song, and presents very good vocals), and "New Heaven and New Earth" (another great song, presenting some hooking guitar riffs once more).

Aside WOSLOM, MAD DRAGZTER is one of the Classic Thrash Metal spearheads from Brazil, and the album can be listened to here, for free.

Oh, are you mad about the lyrics? Let me say a thing - it's Metal, my dear nephews and nieces, so forget them and enjoy songs, for "Master of Space and Time" is one of the finest albums of this year.

10 / 10


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"Master Of Space And Time" Track-listing:

1. Almighty
2. Valley Of Dry Bones
3. Master Of Space And Time
4. 5708
5. Megiddo
6. Gehenna: The Second Death
7. King Of Kings
8. Army Of Truth
9. Sons Of Thunder
10. The Man By The Pool Of Bethesda
11. One Nation, One Church
12. From Emptiness To Infinity
13. Vox Spiritus Sancti
14. Wrath Of God
15. New Heaven And New Earth

Mad Dragzter Lineup:

Tiago Torres - Vocals, Guitars
Gabriel Spazziani - Guitars
Armando Benedetti - Bass
Eric Claros - Drums

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