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What about some Hard Rock/Rock and Roll? Yes, the North American Hard Rock (that some called […]
October 27, 2015
Lynch Mob - Rebel album cover

What about some Hard Rock/Rock and Roll? Yes, the North American Hard Rock (that some called Hair Metal or Glam Metal back in the 80s) is back, and some names are appearing again after a long and cold winter, and others are coming back from the dead. This is a very good thing, because nothing is like hearing a band from those days. And one good name from the end of the eighties that is back to the front since 2008 is LYNCH MOB, that now is releasing a new album, "Rebel".

To those who don't know their history, LYNCH MOB was a project from guitarist George Lynch after DOKKEN broke up back in 1989 due extreme tensions on it (to be honest, since I know DOKKEN's name, the tensions between them were a constant in their career. It was a matter of strong personalities). It gained some fame back then due the good reception of their first album, "Wicked Sensation", in 1990. But as Grunge came and changed the game's rules, it broke up, tried to come back sometimes, as DOKKEN came back and LYNCH MOB was put on hold for some years. But now they are here again, and with their original singer, Oni Logan, once more.

And what is left to say about "Rebel"?
It's a fine piece of Hard'n'Roll, having very good and hooking melodies, but it's heavier than we heard before. Yes, their personality is untouched, but they gained a modern and heavier sound quality on the album. And let's say the truth: besides it's George's band, the quartet sound as a unit.

A very good sound quality flows from the speakers as the album is played, having a perfect equilibrium between the aggressive and nasty side of their music with the clearness they need. As I told above, they got a more modern and abrasive sound quality, but without being apart from their musical personality.

The album has some fine songs, and I dare to point to the nasty "Automatic Fix" (a hooking song, with some very good guitar riffs and great solo), the heavy and bitter "Testify" (with some introspective and tender moments, but when the distortion appears, is something nasty and great), the hooking Hard'n'Roll called "Sanctuary" (with some very good vocals and perfect chorus), the heavy and thunderous "Kingdom Of Slaves" (very good bass guitar and drums works are presented here) and the energetic "War".

Those who already know George's work will be astonished as he is not showing all his playing skills, but to be honest, I feel that he is not only the great guitarist he is (please, everybody into Hard Rock knows that he is famous for his particular playing style), but became a better and fine composer.

10 / 10


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"Rebel" Track-listing:

1. Automatic Fix
2. Between The Truth And A Lie
3. Testify
4. Sanctuary
5. Pine Tree Avenue
6. Jelly Roll
7. Dirty Money
8. The Hollow Queen
9. The Ledge
10. Kingdon Of Slaves
11. War

Lynch Mob Lineup:

George Lynch - Guitars
Oni Logan - Vocals
Sean McNabb - Bass
Jimmy D'Anda - Drums

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