Blood Moon

Luna Sol

To be honest, I'm becoming full of bands that are trying to sound as those […]
October 12, 2015
Luna Sol - Blood Moon album cover

To be honest, I'm becoming full of bands that are trying to sound as those bands from 60s, 70s and 80s with all their efforts. If it is wrong or right, I truly believe that everyone must do their own choices. But I am a writer, and so, I must act according with the same principles I learned back on the 80s: if you're not trying to do something that comes from your own heart, but just doing what others already done, then you have no value at all to Metal. Some bands are good, but only this, as the North American quartet from Denver (CO), LUNA SOL, that is coming with the album "Blood Moon".

It's one more band playing the same vein from those ones who follows that Hard Rock sound from the time between the end of the sixties and beginning of the 70s, with melodic voices, guitar riffs with a clear scent that comes from Blues and Southern Rock, and a good rhythmic session. But to some guys with tons of experience into Metal and Rock scenes, is just another common band. It's nothing bad, but nothing special.

A good sound quality, done in a way that is between the oiled and dusty sound from the 70s with some touches of the modern digital recordings. Obviously it's very good, and on terms of sound quality, there are no reasons for complains. But when the album starts to play, there comes an strange, but good experience. But as I told above: nothing new at all, and nothing special.

But if the reader is not too exigent, I truly believe that songs as "Death Mountain", the heavy weight of "December", and the hooking "Pretty Rotten" can fit on your musical tastes. But again I must say: do not create great expectations.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Blood Moon" Track-listing:

1. Bridges
2. Death Mountain
3. December
4. Leadville
5. Pretty Rotten
6. Operator
7. Standley Lake
8. Your War
9. In The Shadows

Luna Sol Lineup:

Dave Angstrom - Vocals & Guitars
Shanda Kolberg - Vocals & Guitars
Shannon Fahnestock - Vocals & Bass
Pat Gill - Drums

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