Burial Ground


The persistence of some Metal bands is something good for us all to see. Yes, […]
April 6, 2014
Loudblast - Burial Ground album cover

The persistence of some Metal bands is something good for us all to see. Yes, for some ancient bands being on activity, releasing albums and playing shows is a good influence for young Metallians. A luckily for Ol' Big Daddy here, I was chosen to review an ancient band's new album, "Burial Ground", from French quartet LOUDBLAST.

They're the first Death Metal band from France, being active since 1985 (with a little hiatus between 1999 and 2003), and they show something for some moldy bands: they evolve with time, respecting their identity. It's not a band stopped in time.

They're still playing Death Metal, of course, but "Burial Ground" shows a band with a heavy and actual grasp, with great guttural vocals, excellent guitars (great riffs, and the solos shows notions of careful melody in a very personal way), bass and drums with good technique and weight heavy. It's a massive sound, sometimes fast, other ones more mid tempo, but always good!

The sound production is in a fine level, for the band music sounds abrasive and distorted as it must be, but the sound is very clear as well, knowing to show band's accords clearly.

Album's best songs: the well worked "A Bloody Oath" (great vocals, indeed!), the wonderful "Ascending Straight in Circle" (a more mid tempo song, with some fast moments, and very good guitars), the excellent "From Dried Bones", the more complex "I Reach the Sun" (the drums here are perfect), "The Void" and its wonderful guitar works.

Do a favor to yourself: buy it, and hear 'till your ears explode!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Burial Ground" Track-listing:

1. A Bloody Oath
2. Darkness Will Abide
3. Ascending Straight in Circle
4. Soothing Torments
5. From Dried Bones
6. I Reach the Sun
7. Abstract God
8. The Void
9. The Path
10. The Bird

Loudblast Lineup:

Stéphane Buriez - Guitars, Vocals
Drakhian - Guitars
Alex Lenormand - Bass
Hervé Coquerel - Drums

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