Exhausting Fire


Some bands can really do some strange mixes of styles, but their sound is really […]
December 23, 2015
Kylesa - Exhausting Fire album cover

Some bands can really do some strange mixes of styles, but their sound is really good. But it demands extreme care, because doing such a thing is dangerous, because in Metal, there are still many fans with a conservative way of thinking about music, and about scene. For them, I believe that bands like the North American trio KYLESA, from Savannah (Georgia) should sound pretty weird at first, but when you become used to "Exhausting Fire", their latest album, of course you will change your mind.

Using a very good insight from Sludge Metal with some Progressive influences. What I mean: their music sounds thunderous and abrasive all the time, but with some worked songs and some tender and elegant moments. The vocals use an ample variety of tunes, from aggressive to some more melodic, very good and oiled riffs, and a heavy weight rhythmic session is presented. But in something a bit different, this band demands some time to get used to their work, but once you're into it, you'll get hooked for sure.

Their album's sound quality is very good. It makes their more distorted moments evident, but without tearing out their melodic and tender moments, and without making the album's tracks sound dirtier than the needed. If it's a Sludge band, it needs to be distorted and abrasive, but no one told that to be this way; you can't have a clear insight present on your albums.

"Exhausting Fire" has 10 pretty songs, all of them being good, but you can pick as the best for a first hearing the nasty "Crusher" (aggressive and thunderous, with mid speed tempo and some complex riffs), the ethereal and strong "Moving Day" (with very good vocals), the technical "Lost and Confused" (the drums are great here, along with some melodic voices), the introspective "Falling" (where the band is showing a different side from their music, with tender and slow moments, along with clean guitars' arrangements), the abrasive depressive feeling of "Night Drive" (with some groove moments), and "Out Of My Mind".

A Good album, indeed.

7 / 10


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"Exhausting Fire" Track-listing:

1. Crusher
2. Inward Debate
3. Moving Day
4. Lost and Confused
5. Shaping The Southern Sky
6. Falling
7. Night Drive
8. Blood Moon
9. Growing Roots
10. Out Of My Mind

Kylesa Lineup:

Philip Cope - Guitar, Vocals
Laura Pleasants - Guitar, Vocals
Carl McGinley - Drums, Percussion

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