All the Rats

Kings Never Die

The North American city of New York is the cradle of a strong Hardcore scene, […]
May 11, 2023
Kings Never Die - All the Rats album cover

The North American city of New York is the cradle of a strong Hardcore scene, and the acronym NYHC is widely known as a cornerstone for worldwide Hardcore fans, and as well defines a way of how the genre must sound, something that was created by pioneers as CRO-MAGS and AGNOSTIC FRONT. But if you need a better a better introduction, maybe "All the Rats", a pure breed NYHC album unleashed by KINGS NEVER DIE.Although it's the band's first album (they released some EPs before the album), on its ranks are guys who played on acts as MUCKY PUP, DOG EAT DOG, MURPHY'S LAW and others. But pay attention: you'll feel influences of Punk Rock and Thrash Metal on this album, with some melodic touches as well.

Words aren't enough to describe what this album offers, but you can bet that a massive flow of the purest NYHC energy is being delivered, along with a very good set of musical arrangements. And it's impossible to resist their music, one can't stay stopped in the same place for a long time! The album sounds clear and defined (so you won't have problems to understand what's being played), with excellent instrumental tunes (chosen wisely to be closer to a live show). But the energy that flows from the songs shows that an incredible care was taken to catch the best (and organic) moments when these guys were playing in the studio. Yes, things are great in this matter.

There are 10 songs of the purest NYHC on this album (the genre is a crossbreed between many genres influences, but for real Hardcore, this isn't an offense, but a commendation, once purism isn't accepted in the scene). And these guys are a true powerhouse, as can be heard on moments as "Stay True" (a song that combine some fast 'hardcorized' parts with a Thrash Metal sound wall on slower moments, always with excellent vocals and backing vocals), "Stand for It All" (a song with the so-called 'NYHC trademark' sound with that abrasive feeling of gutters and slums, with excellent guitar riffs and solos), "This One's for You" (this one shows more evident melodies in the middle of Hardcore natural aggressiveness, and what lovely and heavy rhythmic shifts conducted by bass guitar and drums), "Were We Friends at All?" (these uncompromised melodies and arrangements are always a wise choice, especially on the hands of these guys, and be prepared to some slamdancing on the living room), "Make Them Anymore" (and ironic and iconic song filled with excellent bass guitar and vocals parts), "Never in My Eyes" (another round with energy and brutal crush imposed to the ears, and it's impossible to resist to its appeal), and... Fuck! The best thing to do is to put this album to play from the first song to the last one, and you'll not regret it, because of the songs are great! As simple as this!

Be welcome, KINGS NEVER DIE, and expel all the rats of the scene with this powerful blast of energy called "All the Rats"!

10 / 10









"All the Rats" Track-listing:

1. Stay True
2. Stand for It All
3. This One's for You
4. Were We Friends at All?
5. Make Them Anymore
6. All the Rats
7. Never in My Eyes
8. We Need the Truth
9. The Juice
10. Side by Side

Kings Never Die Lineup:

Dylan Gadino - Vocals
Dan Nastasi - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Larry Nieroda - Guitars
Evan Ivkovich - Bass
Danny Schuler - Drums

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