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What must a band do to be notice in these times we are living, when […]
December 23, 2015
Kind - Rocket Science album cover

What must a band do to be notice in these times we are living, when polemics are the stronger tools for that?

Or you have to find you polemics for yourself to become great, or you must focus all your creative energy in a form of music that can take all the attentions for what you're playing. But I must say that bands like KIND prefer to create good music, instead of searching for polemics. Their album, "Rocket Science", speaks for them.

To call them a Stoner Rock/Metal is something that could fit to a certain point, because it's not as simple to label their work.

Of course you have those elements that Stoner Rock bands love to use (a middle clean, middle nasty sound quality, distorted bass guitar, some elements from late 60s/earlier 70s, psychedelic feeling), but there's some groove influences in their music, turning the hearing of "Rock Science" extremely interesting for those who are searching for something different and not so far from the conventional Metal styles we all know.

As told above, they use a nasty and sometimes bitter sound quality, using and abusing from distortions used on the end of the 60s and beginning of the 70s. But even being nasty, it's not to the point of turning their music into a completely mass of noise that we couldn't understand. We hear their tendency to sound nasty and raw, but not so dirty.

We can say that their entire album is good, but on songs as "German for Lucy" (a melodic and nasty song, presenting very good screamed and groove vocals, along with raw guitars), the nasty and savage "Fast Number One" (with very hooking tempos and strong rhythmic session), the long and climatic "Hordeolum" (rich in variations), the beauty and intense "Siberia" (where some influence from Southern groove is presented on the guitars), the nine minutes of the musical voyage called "The Angry Undertaker" we can feel their personal energy and potential.

A very good album, indeed, but they can do way better.<

7 / 10


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"Rocket Science" Track-listing:

1. German for Lucy
2. Fast Number One
3. Rabbit Astronaut
4. Hordeolum
5. Pastrami Blaster
6. Siberia
7. Grogan
8. The Angry Undertaker

Kind Lineup:

Craig Riggs - Vocals
Darryl Shepard - Guitar
Tom Corino - Bass
Matthew Couto - Drums

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