Stop anything you're doing right now, for these guys are astonishing. KILLCODE is a new […]
November 1, 2013
Killcode - Killcode album cover

Stop anything you're doing right now, for these guys are astonishing. KILLCODE is a new North American name coming to the ring on Metal scene, and these guys surely have a lot of to say, as we all can hear in the first album, "Killcode".

It's a fusion between some elements of Southern Rock, Alternative Rock and Hard Rock, but keeping a heavy weight in all songs, you'll all hear something that reminds some bands like old SOUNDGARDEN, MONSTER MAGNET and some more outlaws from US Metal / Rock scene, but more aggressive and heavy. They really are out of mainstream tendencies, and it's good for all of us. If you're one of those who think that PEARL JAM is the greatest name of USA, don't keep reading these lines.

A clean and oiled sound production is what is heard, so, their music flows from the speakers in a very spontaneous form, but dense and heavy. You'll hear all the instruments with no problem at all, even in the more calm moments.

The better songs: "Still Here" (the contrast between clean and introspective moments and distorted ones is something from another world) the catchy "Hands Up" (hear the guitar works, coming from calm and clean accords to distorted ones with a lot of wah-wah use, as the bass is showing a good form too), the beautiful "The Wrong Side" (a ballad, but very full of feeling, that you'll hear it again and again for long time)m the more Country Music "Liberated" (these vocals really engulfs us all), the slower "Opium Dogs", and "Trust", with the special participation of Angelina DelCarmen sharing the vocals.

These U.S.A. guys really can get far if they can stay in this way they are.

8 / 10


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"Killcode" Track-listing:

1. Still Here
2. Hands Up
3. Tied
4. The Wrong Side
5. Loose
6. Liberated
7. Opium Dogs
8. Shotgun
9. Time
10. Skitch
11. Trust
12. Bad Mother

Killcode Lineup:

Tom - Vocals
Chas - Guitars, backing vocals
Pat - Guitars, backing vocals
Erric - Bass, backing vocals
Rob - Drums

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