Turkish Delight (Volume Two)

Khalil Turk & Friends

There are times when unusual forms of bands come to us all. The explanation can […]
August 30, 2023
Khalil Turk & Friends - Turkish Delight (Volume Two) album cover

There are times when unusual forms of bands come to us all. The explanation can be hard to describe, or maybe there's no answer, things just happen. But the rarest of all is someone gathering a team of guests to record an album that the brainmaster of things isn't playing or singing on it. And this is the case of "Turkish Delight (Volume II)", the second release of KHALIL TURK & FRIENDS. The name of Khalil is linked directly to Long Island Records (a German label that existed on the 90s) and now to Escape Music (he is the co-founder and co-owner of the label, and a producer and executive producer for it as well). He invited some well-known guests to play and sing on "Turkish Delight (Volume II)", where the main musical genre heard is AOR, or in other words, that melodic and hooking form of Hard Rock that is easy to be heard on popular radios (and that on the 80s reigned supreme on North American parades).

Here things are sounding alive, spontaneous and full of vitality, in a way that's impossible to resist for fans of the genre. Khalil is the producer of the album, having at this side Fredrik Folkare (yes, the guitarist of UNLEASHED) on the mixing and mastering (and he plays some guitars and bass parts on the album as well). And the final result is something that inherits the necessary traits of the genre, but with a modern and sharp outfit that boost the understanding of what's being played. And if one needs the reference of names, musicians as Robin Mc Auley, James LaBrie, Marc Storace, Jeff Scott Soto, Ralf Sheepers, Mark Boals, Paul Taylor, Kai Hansen, Billy Sheehan, Marco Mendoza, Rudy Sarzo, Dennis Stratton, and many others, are lending their talent of the songs (and to list everyone would be a pain in the ass, so read it on the album).

With such team gathered, it's not a sin to say that "Turkish Delight" is really a great album, with 12 excellent songs. And the hearer can begin this journey into musical pleasure by songs as "No One Knows Your Name" (this one shows some traits that reminds German Power Metal, with an excellent chorus), "Come On" (where the Pop Rock side of AOR becomes evident due the silk melodic arrangements), "Destiny" (here the Hard Rock touch is evident, contrasting with tender melodic parts), "I Am Ready" (excellent vocals fitting on the instrumental lines), "Crazy" (this one balances a good technical work with excellent melodies and excellent vocals once more), "Hold Your Future" (what great guitars, but with a melodic blow into the ears), and "Don't Surrender". But again: there are 12 excellent songs on the album, so listen to it from its beginning to the last seconds, and you won't regret the experience.

Let's hope that "Turkish Delight" can have more volume, because it's excellent. And KHALIL TURK & FRIENDS is a mark to remember!

10 / 10









"Turkish Delight (Volume Two)" Track-listing:

1. No One Knows Your Name
2. Come On
3. Destiny
4. I Am Ready
5. Crazy
6. Hold Your Future
7. Future
8. Higher
9. Don't Surrender
10. Fahrenheit
11. Throwing Bones
12. We Carry On

Khalil Turk & Friends Lineup:


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