Herz & Verstand (Live in Köln)


And they are back for one more round, one more show of the purest happiness […]
September 20, 2019
Kärbholz - Herz & Verstand (Live in Köln) album cover

And they are back for one more round, one more show of the purest happiness with the stench of beer, joy and a night of the purest Rock 'n' Roll you can find. Although the world became boring due the politically correct militants (that are a plague in Rock 'n' Roll), there are those who seems to not care about them and keep delivering fun on musical form. Yes, KÄRBHOLZ, the German most unwanted and nasty quartet of Punk Rock/Indie Rock (or any other boring label you want) of all times are back, unleashing a double live CD, called "Herz & Verstand (Live in Köln)".

They're a legend, destroying ears, drinking beer and spitting on the ears of all a fun and hooking form of Punk 'n' Roll that is addictive, is a matter of hearing and becoming in love with their music. But is amazing to hear how they're great during a live show, unleashing even more energy delivering a very good time. Their secret: great choruses aligned with catchy easy melodies, and a lot of personality, something that can't be found on the square next to the readers' home. No, these four Teutonic Rockers are here to make your surrender to their music. It's good, so surrender at once, you'll like it! The recording was done live at Köln, as the album's title states clearly. But it's great to hear that the capitation of the musical instruments was done in a way that didn't tear off the live ambience. All can be hear clearly, but always keeping the live feeling and the crude sensation of being in a bar drinking beer and watching their show. Yes, everything works perfectly.

Musically, their show is something that everyone who likes any Rock 'n' Roll genre must see once in their life. The best thing to do is to hear the album from the first song to the last one without jumping songs. But to hear the live versions of "Keiner Befiehlt" (a song that time will state as a classic), "Überdosis Leben", "Ich Kann Es Nicht Ändern" (the public reacts in an insane form to this one), "Fallen Und Fliegen", "Du Bist König", the nasty catchy melodies of "Musizin", "Das Hier Ist Ewig", and "Falsche Alternativen" on the first CD. One the second, the massacre keeps on with "Tabula Rasa" (what an amazing energy flows from it), "Nacht Ohne Sterne", the accessible "Stein Und Sand", the crude feeling that fills of "Feuerräder", and... Well, hear them all. You'll like it.

Yes, this is a fine example of a live album as it must be: full of energy and with excellent songs, so hear "Herz & Verstand (Live in Köln)" and enjoy what KÄRBHOLZ is offering to everyone.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Herz & Verstand (Live in Köln)" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Keiner Befiehlt
3. Überdosis Leben
4. Ich Kann Es Nicht Ändern
5. Herztier
6. Fallen Und Fliegen
7. Du Bist König
8. Mutmacher
9. Musizin
10. Sink Oder Schwimm
11. Kind Aus Hinterwald
12. Das Hier Ist Ewig
13. Falsche Alternativen
14. Drumtopus
15. All Meine Narben
16. Hier!
17. Tabula Rasa
18. Nacht Ohne Sterne
19. Alle Systeme Auf Vollgas
20. Stein Und Sand
21. Feuerräder
22. Mein Weg
23. Tiefflieger
24. Mein Persönlicher Krieg
25. In Flammen Stehen
26. Lauter

Kärbholz Lineup:

Torben Höffgen - Vocals
Adrian Kühn - Guitars
Stefan Wirths - Bass
Henning Münch - Drums

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