Born to Fly


1991 was the year when Glam Metal and its subgenres were all thrown into the […]
March 1, 2019
Jetboy - Born to Fly album cover

1991 was the year when Glam Metal and its subgenres were all thrown into the deep bottom of the underground due the Grunge Rock/Alternative Rock trend. But the reality is that the success of the genre since 1983 wasn't about to last forevermore. It's impossible, so the fall came in a way that no one was prepared for that. Many bands entered long hiatus or just ceased to exist due the lack of support. But now, years after the trend is gone, some bands are coming with new works, and JETBOY, a legend from San Francisco (USA) is releasing a new album, "Born to Fly", and it's their first release with new songs since 1990.

This album is meant for fun and joy, not for inner reflections or to improve the pessimistic thoughts about and universe. It's a high spirited form of Glam Metal fused with influences from Rock 'n' Roll, Blues and even Southern Rock. It's musically intense and accessible, with excellent melodies and choruses. No, it's not a "I miss the past" form of music, but the nastier and charming Glam/Hard Metal you can think of. And it'll get you! As the album was built to sound nasty, savage and free, the sound quality has to be organic. And it is in an excellent level, keeping the natural aggressiveness, the weight and melodic touch of the band as natural as if they were playing in the simplest equipment possible. Yes, it's excellent.

Musically, it's a travel to the end of the 70's and beginning of the 80's, when Glam Metal started to ravage the musical scene with great music (and a lot of scandals). And the best moments of "Born to Fly" can be heard on "Born to Fly" (a joyful song filled with a Hard/AOR energy similar to what can be found on "Pyromania", with excellent vocals and backing vocals), "Old Dog, New Tricks" (with an old Rock 'n' Blues influence given by the harmonica sound, and it's filled with excellent guitars), "The Way That You Move Me" (a song deeply influence by Pop Rock from the 70s, elegant and accessible, and with excellent Hammond touches), "Inspiration From Desperation" (a great song with good rhythmic work from bass guitar and drums), "She" (another song with a clear influence from Old School Rock 'n' Roll, with nasty and catchy melodies), and "Smoky Ebony" (a song deeply influenced by Blues and Southern Rock, showing very good bass and drums works) are the best shots of the album. And the bonus track is an acoustic version for "Born to Fly" that is very good and deep.

The guys from JETBOY need to keep in activity, because "Born to Fly" is a fine piece of Glam Metal that is pretty hard to find.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Born to Fly" Track-listing:

1. Beating the Odds
2. Born to Fly
3. Old Dog, New Tricks
4. The Way That You Move Me
5. Brokenhearted Daydream
6. Inspiration From Desperation
7. All Over Again
8. She
9. A Little Bit Easy
10. Every Time I Go
11. Smoky Ebony
12. Party Time!
13. Born to Fly (Acoustic version)

Jetboy Lineup:

Mickey Finn - Vocals, Harmonica
Fernie Rod - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Billy Rowe - Rhythm Guitars, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Eric Stacy - Bass
Al Serrato - Drums

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