The Great Escape


In the experience of writing about bands, in some moments the writers must calm down […]
August 9, 2019
Jailbirds - The Great Escape album cover

In the experience of writing about bands, in some moments the writers must calm down their hearts and throw out the first impression. Calm is essential when dealing with musical works from new bands that are trying to do something that is already known and used by years, because even being nothing new at all, the band can present something good. And that's the case of the Ireland based quartet JAILBIRDS, because their music presented on "The Great Escape" is really good.

Their music is based on a mix of earlier Hard Rock/Classic Rock outfit with modern Rock 'n' Roll influences. It's something that sounds a blend between AC/DC, THIN LIZZY (on its most accessible moments) and FOO FIGHTERS, so their musical work bears a crude organic sound with a great dose of musical accessibility, with simple (but efficient) musical technical, hooking melodies and choruses. The formula was used to the exhaustion, but it works in a very good way on their hands.

The production of "The Great Escape" worked in a way to conceive a sound quality that is crude and organic (maybe due the instrumental tunes that are sounding in a "plug 'n' play" way), but with the modern clean outfit that it demands. No, they're not trying to be what they're not: a band from the 70's. No, they know the year, and did the things in the right way.

On the songs, all of them offer the fan a very good time, but the energetic melodies of "The Great Escape", the savage and accessible "Loose Cannon" (very good chorus, indeed, along with good riffs), the way down locomotive rhythm of "Nothing Good Lasts Forever" (this one shows some Hard Rock/Heavy Metal influences due the musical weight, and bass guitar and drums are very good here), the Hard Rock nasty outfit of "Thrill of the Chase" (in some moments, some influences of THE WHO and THE BEATLES can be heard on the melodies), and the monolithic melodic strength of "Fight or Flight" (very good vocals and backing vocals) are the ones for a first time on their work.

JAILBIRDS still has potential to transform in the music genre, but for now, "The Great Escape" is a fine choice for enjoying a good time with friends and beers during the night.

7 / 10









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"The Great Escape" Track-listing:

1. The Great Escape
2. Loose Cannon
3. Nothing Good Lasts Forever
4. Shadow of Love
5. Thrill of the Chase
6. Underdog
7. Fight or Flight
8. The Pilot

Jailbirds Lineup:

Axel McDonald - Vocals, Guitars
Ed Orr - Guitars
Jamie Trimble - Bass
Jay McDonald - Drums

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