Heavy Rain

Ivory Tower

Wow, what a great Poer/Prog Metal release on a traditional way of the genre!
June 6, 2024

Sometimes a ‘come-back-to-the-roots’ is demands for fans of any Metal genre one can think of. This happens because as a genre evolves, the fans can lose sight of what it really is, and it’s the reason for looking for something into a more traditional way, but there acts that special, because they keep things the more traditional way possible into their own genres, but with a personal appeal. One of them is the German quintet IVORY TOWER, as depicted on “Heavy Rain”, their latest release (their seventh album).

As an experienced band, they produced the album themselves, leavy the mixing to the hands of Jens ‘Master’ Bogren and Alexander Backlund (that worked at Fascination Street Studios) and the mastering to Tony Lindgren (that worked at Fascination Street Studios as well), resulting in a huge, clean and defined sonority, but it’s heavy in a way that’s not usual for their genre. And the band had Florian Tabbert (the former drummer) on the drums on “Black Rain” and “Recover”. And what a fine cover art was created by Frankey Efef-Media.

For their fans, the band’s music holds no secret, but for some new comers, it must be said that they work on a traditional way into Power/Prog Metal, or in other words, they mix all the influences of German Power Metal School with a Prog Metal technical outfit (but not as overloaded as usual by many). It’s obvious that are moments with fast tempos (as heard on some parts on “Holy War”), but the band’s uses a more climatic and melodic appeal, now with Lord Francis Soto on the vocals (that has a lower and dramatic way of singing). And “Heavy Rain” is full of contrasts, from melodic and grandiose parts to heavier ones (and always filled with excellent hooks and choruses), depicting that the quintet knows what they’re doing with their music.

The fans of the genres will have no reasons for complaints about the songs, but for the lazy ones who needs tips, the ones to start with the album are “Black Rain” (a thunderous opening song with a fine combination of a heavy weight with a Power/Prog Metal appeal, with excellent guitar riffs and arrangements), “Holy War” (a total brutal intro with thunderous drumming contrasting with fine keyboards parts creates the right epic feeling for a perfect exhibition of the vocals, and what a lovely chorus), “Never” (again there’s an epic appeal on the keyboards parts under a heavy rhythm, and on cleaner parts, the bass guitar pulses are excellent), “The Destination” (here we have a more accessible outfit in some moments, even with the weight imposed by the guitars, and what dramatic outfit of the vocals), “60 Seconds” (a mighty Power/Prog Metal blow in the ears, with excellent instrumental arrangements), “Heavy Ride” (some Old School Power Metal influences can be heard under the mastodonic weighty of this one, and what excellent leads of the keyboards and guitars), “Recover” (another very good moment with excellent keyboards arrangements), and… Oh, come on! Listen to “Monster”, “Voices” and “The Tear”, because all the songs work as a unity.

“Heavy Rain” is a delicious album that reveals a new thing at every play you give to it, so praise IVORY TOWER. The band deserves it!

10 / 10









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"Heavy Rain" Track-listing:
  1. Black Rain
  2. Holy War
  3. Never
  4. The Destination
  5. 60 Seconds
  6. Heavy Ride
  7. Recover
  8. Monster
  9. Voices
  10. The Tear
Ivory Tower Lineup:

Lord Francis Soto - Vocals
Sven Böge - Guitars
Björn Bombach - Bass
Frankey Fasold - Keyboards
Thorsten Thrunke - Drums

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