The Absence


The Brazilian Metal scene isn't resumed only to names as SEPULTURA, ANGRA, KRISIUN, NERVOSA and […]
June 29, 2023
itSELF - The Absence album cover

The Brazilian Metal scene isn't resumed only to names as SEPULTURA, ANGRA, KRISIUN, NERVOSA and CRYPTA. There are many other acts here that can shadow the names written above in many ways, and these words aren't taking the merits of them, but to show what lies hidden by the barriers today (that internet broke down, but the indolence of the fans doesn't let them leave their 'comfort zones'). Maybe the work of ITSELF (of São Paulo) shown on "The Absence" can explain it. It's a form of Death/Thrash Metal heavily influenced by Technical Death Metal (check the use of fretless bass parts on the album, and indicative of this aspect), but it's so full of different musical influences that it's hard to describe things with proper words, because there are parts with Groove Metal influences, on others regional rhythms of Brazil arises (as heard clearly "Schadenfreude" and "Samba, Corruption and Violence"), with keyboards orchestrations tempering things and creating oppressive ambiences, and many more that words can say.

 It can be said as different, but plenty of musical hooks, boosted by massive and brutal impact of crude energy that flows from the songs, and always guided by a strong personality. This album is a flood of vitality, indeed. Ricardo Falcon and the brothers Sławek and Wojtek Wiesławski produced, mixed and mastered the album at Hertz Studios in Poland (expect for the vocals that were recorded at Crawlspace Productions), and obviously, something brutal and aggressive can be expected. But's extremely understandable, anything can hear and absorbed easily. And to make things richer, there are many guests: Helle Bogdanova (of IGNEA on the vocals on "Voices of the Unheard", Jailson "Tucunaré" Bitencourt on the percussion and Stella Pinto on the female voices on "Schadenfreude", Terrance Hobbs (the six strings master of SUFFOCATION) on the solo guitar and Ben Kramer on the narration on "Tomorrow...", (track 4), Jarosław Niemiec (of SARATAN) on the santur and Alessandro Granato (of STAMINA) on the Gregorian chants on "The Absence". And what a lovely artwork for the cover was built by Björn Gooßes (of Killustrations - A one eye army led by Björn Gooßes).

Different and innovative, "The Absence" is an album that deserves patient to be fully understood, because the level of details is extremely high. "Voices of the Unheard" opens the album in a true Technical Death/Thrash Metal chaos (due the rhythmic shifts), with hooks being expelled by the guitar riffs and chaotic ambiences of the keyboards (but what lovely and tender female voices). On "Schadenfreude", the Latin Groove of Brazil appears in many moments of the maelstromic chaos (and if one pay attention, the lyrics are showing elements of Quimbanda, an Afro-Brazilian religion centered on Exu).

The presence of technical fretless bass guitar moments is clear on "The Verdict", a brutal song where some traces of Brazilian rhythms can be heard on the riffs during the chorus and slower moments. And "Tomorrow..." is an apocalyptic and technical (yet hooking) song tempered by darkened orchestrations, excellent shreds on the lead guitars.  Another moment with some groove particular from Brazil (especially inherit from Samba) can be heard on moments of "Samba, Corruption and Violence", a song from where violence and revolt drips from the speakers, and pay attention to the percussive parts (it's deeply depicting elements of Samba music). Another moment of pure musical chaos is heard on "Sentinel of the Sleeping Gods", with many charming moments with clear Thrash Metal tendency contrasting with technical moments (and what great work of the vocals, indeed).

"The Fuck" is a short and more simple, but the orientation into pure Death Metal becomes entangled by excellent orchestrations. And "The Absence" is a violent and brutal song with a melodic intro, some oppressive and disturbing slow and technical moments (where Gregorian chants and santur parts dominate). Well, ITSELF is an excellent band (but what could be expected of an act with experienced members that played on SINISTER, SANGRE, KAMALA, PROJECT46, TRIBAL SCREAM, BELPHEGOR and others?), so give yourself a chance and listen to "The Absence". Enjoy the travel!

10 / 10









"The Absence" Track-listing:

1. Voices of the Unheard
2. Schadenfreude
3. The Verdict
4. Tomorrow...
5. Samba, Corruption and Violence
6. Sentinel of the Sleeping Gods
7. The Fuck
8. The Absence

itSELF Lineup:

Ricardo Falcon - Guitars
Estevan Furlan - Drums
Jason Peppiatt - Vocals (session)
Linus Klausenitzer - Bass (session)
Carsten Altena - Orchestrations (session)

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