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Norway still gives birth to good bands, even after the Black Metal blast from 90's […]
December 30, 2013
Iskald - Nedom Og Nord album cover

Norway still gives birth to good bands, even after the Black Metal blast from 90's had passed. And one excellent name is ISKALD, a more experimental, symphonic and melodic Black Metal band, and they come back with their new album, "Nedom og Nord", via Indie Recordings.

They keep the more experimental way of doing Black Metal from their past works, and giving one step ahead with this album, with harsh high pitch voices, great guitar work, bass and drums forming a well-worked and heavy rhythmic basis, keyboards giving a more atmospheric and somber touch to their work. But don't get the wrong idea: their stuff is very particular, in a way only they can do.

Good sound production, making the band sound clear and in the way their music demands (raw in some points to keep the necessary Black Metal atmosphere), but keeping the instruments clear. The artwork is way simple, contrasting with their complex and epic approach for the album.

And what album this is!

Six fine moments of deep inspiration is what awaits our ears, as the album is perfect.

"A Fading Horizon" is a wonderful song, having oppressive atmosphere and great riffs (and you can hear some great moments from bass guitar), "Underworldly" is in same way (again with good riffs, but the vocals appear in great shape as well), "Iskald" is more introspective (where keyboards appear doing fine arrangements), "The Silence" have a more aggressive approach, even with more melodic moments arising (and drums' work is great), "Nidingsdåd" is a true journey into darker realms (guided by great guitar and keyboards works), and the wonderful "Nedom og Nord", lasting more than 10 minutes, but you won't get bothered, for its tempo changing occurs often, so it seems like a big set of songs united in one, going from harsh moments to more melodic and slower ones from time to time.

ISKALD's music is really a great experience, and never disappoints.

10 / 10


"Nedom Og Nord" Track-listing:

1. A Fading Horizon
2. Underworldly
3. Iskald
4. The Silence
5. Nidingsdåd
6. Nedom og Nord

Iskald Lineup:

Aage André Krekling - Drums
Simon Larsen - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards

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