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BLACK SABBATH is the All-father of Doom Metal with its three early albums (namely "Black […]
February 14, 2023
Iron Void - IV album cover

BLACK SABBATH is the All-father of Doom Metal with its three early albums (namely "Black Sabbath", "Paranoid" and "Master of Reality"), but some bands took the lessons of the Old Witch of Birmingham to another level. Between the axis of USA (with SAINT VITUS, TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM, THE OBSESSED, CIRITH UNGOL and others hold ground) and England (where WITCHFINDER GENERAL and PAGAN ALTAR summoned the genre) the genre was born, and CANDLEMASS caused a revolution (due the use of operatic voice and a defined sonority). Today, it's easy to hear bands mixing the influences of all these Schools together, as can be heard on "IV", the fourth album of the UK-based trio IRON VOID.

The band plays a form of melodic and heavy Doom Metal on its classic form (again, the main reference is BLACK SABBATH), but adorned with excellent hooking melodies, creating a hypnotic feeling that's hard to resist to. Obviously that the bitter feeling of the genre is presented (that oppressive and funereal sensation that classic Doom Metal bears), but in a form that is technically simple (nothing is exaggerated in the playing). And of course the fans of the genre will have a great time when listening to this release, because the guys know what they're doing (even in such spontaneous approach), and the energy of the songs is amazing. The band had the hands of Chris Fielding (producer, recording, mixing) and James Plotkin (mastering) on the sonority, and it's really a great work: the filthy and inner bitterness of Doom Metal resides on the organic instrumental tunes used on the recordings, but the whole work sounds defined and clean. But take care with the ears, because the weight of "IV" is abusive.

All the songs are really excellent, bearing the DNA of classic Doom Metal on them all. But for a first experience on "IV", the best ones are "Grave Dance" (the simple technical approach, hooking chorus and good melodies hook the fans, and what lovely groove is presented, along with a very good work of the bass guitar), "Living on the Earth" (here one can check the acrid bitterness summoned by the Old Witch on the song's 'iommian' guitar riffs), "Pandora's Box" (another oppressive song filled with a hooking groove, but with a different and nasty set of tunes on the vocals), "Blind Dead" (this one has those creeping slow tempos, like a funeral procession, with a very good drumming guiding its dusty appeal), "She" (on its beginning, it bears a Psychedelic Rock introspective approach similar to some THE BEATLES moments, but in the middle, the ripping and slow sensation of the genre is brought back, with charming guitar riffs and solos), and "Slave One" (again, excellent vocals adorns a very good set of melodies) are the right ones.

If one says that classic Doom Metal is dead or has nothing more to offer, show this person what "IV" expresses. And how lovely and impressive this offering given by IRON VOID is!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"IV" Track-listing:

1. Call of the Void
2. Grave Dance
3. Living on the Earth
4. Pandora's Box
5. Blind Dead
6. She
7. Lords of the Wasteland
8. Slave One
9. Last Rites

Iron Void Lineup:

Jonathan "Sealey" Seale - Vocals, Bass
Steve Wilson - Vocals, Guitars
Scott Naylor - Drums

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