Limb After Limb

Iron Flesh

It's really great to check as there are very good Metal acts in France today. […]
December 29, 2022
Iron Flesh - Limb After Limb album cover

It's really great to check as there are very good Metal acts in France today. After years of having worldly recognized only TRUST (due the fact that Nicko of IRON MAIDEN played on the band, and that ANTHRAX made a version for "Antisocial"), came many acts that created a new way for Metal on the country (today, GOJIRA is having a great praise throughout the world). And the internet advent made things easier to known very good French acts as IRON FLESH that comes to destroy ears with their third full length, "Limb After Limb".

They play in traditional Death Metal way similar to acts as ENTOMBED (on "Left Hand Path" and "Clandestine" days) and DISMEMBER (during their melodic era, namely on albums as "Massive Killing Capacity", "Death Metal" and "Hate Campaign,") but using a very good melodic sense to guide the songs and using wisely the rhythmic changes (some eerie melodies during the solos are really excellent).

They're expressing things with life and energy, but in an Old School Death Metal way, and they're really creative on their musical arrangements and contrasts. The band worked with David Thiers (who did the recordings, mixing and mastering of the songs) at Secret Place Studio, at Bordeaux. The result is something brutal, aggressive and noisy (in the good sense of the word) and that fits on Old School Death Metal patterns. But it's simple to hear and understand what is being expressed by the quartet.

All the songs are very good, and will make the hearts of the fans of Death Metal beats faster than the usual. But to have a first experience on their work, "Cursed Within" (massive guitar walls with very good riffs and solos), "In Agony You Must Reborn" (another one that deserves to be heard with careful attention, especially due the guitars once more), "Limb After Limb" (a brutal and massive Death Metal song with solid rhythms created by bass guitar and drums), "Blessed Be the Creators" (a seven minutes song with very good contrasts on the arrangements, and these 'karkian' vocals are really very good), "Honor in Death" (another minutes that lasts more than 7 minutes, with contrasts between harsh Death Metal parts and melancholic moments), and "As Ghouls March On" are the right ones (but not despising the musical quality that the other songs bear).

IRON FLESH passed the test of the third album, and "Limb After Limb" is really a very good release, but take care of your ears...

8 / 10









"Limb After Limb" Track-listing:

1. Overthrow ov the Sermon ov God
2. Cursed Within
3. In Agony You Must Reborn
4. Limb After Limb
5. Blessed Be the Creators
6. Sacrorum Profanationem
7. Honor in Death
8. To Become one With the Dead
9. As Ghouls March On
10. Procession of Living Cadavers

Iron Flesh Lineup:

Julien Helwin - Guitars, Vocals
Sylver Alexandre - Guitars
Sebastien Lalanne - Bass
Guilhem Arbogast - Drums

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