Beyond the Void

Iron Fire

Denmark is a country with a very good Metal scene, but the lack of names […]
March 1, 2019
Iron Fire - Beyond the Void album cover

Denmark is a country with a very good Metal scene, but the lack of names that are known out of its frontiers is small. Only MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, ARTILLERY, VOLBEAT, PRETTY MAIDS and few others aren't strange for the fans worldwide. But a Danish band that deserves a lot of attention from Metalheads is IRON FIRE, a 20 years old veteran that keeps its battle in the scenario, and that now comes with "Beyond the Void", their latest attack.

It's a classic Heavy/Power Metal form that is traditional from the northern countries of the Europe (that is deeply influenced by German names as ACCEPT) and some touches from 80's Speed Metal, but in the hands of the trio, it gains a new life, because they don't stay in the past. The personal features of the genre are here, as charming melodies and choruses that are easy to learn, but it sounds modern due the heavy and aggressive instrumental tunes used by them. It's personal and heavy, so be prepared for the assault! The sound quality of "Beyond the Void" is a key factor for the excellent result that the trio got. It's not those thin tunes and vocals that are so common, but instead, they're using nasty and greasy tunes on the guitars and bass guitar, creating an aggressive and fresh approach on the genre they're into. It's heavy and aggressive, but clean as well.

"Beyond the Void" with its aggressive energy and charming melodies, the gluing guitar riffs and chorus of "Final Warning" and of "Cold Chains of the North", the good technique show on the tempos of "Bones and Gasoline", the modern weight sharpened by great melodies of "Old Habits Die Hard" (very good vocals can be heard on it as well), the almost melodic Thrash Metal song called "To Hell and Back" (amazing guitar riffs), and the climatic and slow "Out of Nowhere" can be said as the album's finest shots, but it's excellent from the first song to the last one.

As written in the beginning, IRON FIRE deserves to be praised and respected, so give a chance to "Beyond the Void" and go into this "voidage".

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Beyond the Void" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Beyond the Void
3. Final Warning
4. Cold Chains of the North
5. Wrong Turn
6. Bones and Gasoline
7. Old Habits Die Hard
8. Judgement Day
9. To Hell and Back
10. One More Bullet
11. The Devils Path
12. Out of Nowhere

Iron Fire Lineup:

Martin Steene - Vocals, Bass
Kirk Backarach - Guitars
Gunnar Olsen - Drums

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