Excursion Demise (Reissue)


1991 was the final year of Thrash Metal commercial success. As happened with Heavy Metal […]
April 21, 2022
Invocator - Excursion Demise (Reissue) album cover

1991 was the final year of Thrash Metal commercial success. As happened with Heavy Metal and Glam Metal, the genre suffered a heavy blow when Grunge/Alternative Rock became commercially successful after the coming of Seattle bands in those days. METALLICA did a wise choice when recorded and released "Metallica" (the so called "Black Album"), because they gathered fans from other Metal genres and became stable, as the others saw things becoming sour. And it was the year when the Danish quartet INVOCATOR originally released the band's first album, "Excursion Demise", that now is reissued in a remastered version many bonus tracks.

Their musical work can be described and a melodic form of Techno Thrash Metal, or in other words, is a form of playing Thrash Metal in the vein of names as METALLICA, MEGADETH and TESTAMENT, but with improvements on the instrumental technique and in a form that is more aggressive (in a vein similar to KREATOR did on the final years of the 80's). Maybe today for some younger fans it can sound a little 'old fashioned', but it how things were done on those days. And it's still a very good experience to hear such material today.

The original production was done by Boss (the father of Quorthon and the owner of Black Mark Productions), so the sonority is what an independent album could be in the beginning of the 90's: defined and with organic tunes, but crude. Obviously that the remastering done by Jacob Hansen (a widely known producer and the original singer/guitarist of the band) did some improvements on the sonority, but's a depiction of what was done on those days. This reissued version is a double CD pack.

On CD 1 are the original tracks of the album, with "Excursion Demise" (a fine and well-worked song with very good doses of aggressiveness and melodies, and a great work on the guitars), "Forsaken Ones" (a Thrash Metal furious song with very good rhythmic contrasts created by bass guitar and drums), "The Persistence from Memorial Chasm" (the howls and snarls of the vocals are very good, in a way similar as if Mille could use cleaner tunes), "Schismatic Injective Therapy" (the caustic aggressiveness of the song is tempered with charming melodies and a very good technical appeal), and "Inner Contrarieties" being the best ones to feel what the album is about.

On CD 2, songs from the quartet's demos: "Dismal Serfage", "Insurrected Despair", "Restraint Life", and "The Scars Remain" come from 1988's "Genetic Confusion" demo, and are a bit more aggressive (with snarling vocals tunes similar to KREATOR). "Alterations", "Occurrence Concealed", "The Persistence from Memorial Chasm" and "Pursuit of a Rising Necessity" are coming from "Alterations" Demo (1989), and keep the same brutal and harsh approach of the previous demo. "Insurrected Despair" is a re-recorded version done on 1989 (and sounds really raw). And "Beyond Insufferable Dormancy", "Inner Contrarities" and "Temptation" are tracks from the band's "Promo Demo" of 1991. Then, one can check the differences and similarities between the demo tracks and the ones that are in the album.

It's obvious that "Excursion Demise" deserves such a reissue, because INVOCATOR had a lot to offer.

8 / 10









"Excursion Demise (Reissue)" Track-listing:

CD 1: (Excursion Demise)

1. Excursion Demise
2. (...To a Twisted Recess of Mind)
3. Forsaken Ones
4. The Persistence from Memorial Chasm
5. Absurd Temptation
6. Schismatic Injective Therapy
7. Occurrence Concealed
8. Beyond Insufferable Dormancy
9. Inner Contrarieties
10. Alterations

CD 2: The Demos

1. Dismal Serfage (Genetic Confusion - Demo 1988)
2. Insurrected Despair (Genetic Confusion - Demo 1988)
3. Restraint Life (Genetic Confusion - Demo 1988)
4. The Scars Remain (Genetic Confusion - Demo 1988)
5. Alterations (Alterations - Demo 1989)
6. Occurrence Concealed (Alterations - Demo 1989)
7. The Persistence from Memorial Chasm (Alterations - Demo 1989)
8. Pursuit of a Rising Necessity (Alterations - Demo 1989)
9. Insurrected Despair (Re-recordings 1989)
10. Beyond Insufferable Dormancy (Promo 1991)
11. Inner Contrarities (Promo 1991)
12. Absurd Temptation (Promo 1991)

Invocator Lineup:

Jacob Hansen - Vocals, Guitars
Jakob Schultz - Guitars
Jesper M. Jensen - Bass
Per M. Jensen - Drums

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