Back to Nowhere

In Vain

Wow, this Spanish quartet in such mix between Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Thrash Metal really surprises the hearers!
March 21, 2024

Since the coming of modern communication technologies (the internet) and the end of the monopoly of major recording companies, many Metal scenes that were hidden from the public attention came to be known. Spanish Metal scene is now widely recognized as a womb for very good acts. One of them is the quartet IN VAIN, as shown on their sixth full-length, “Back to Nowhere”. The production was done in a way to grant their musical efforts a clear and defined sonority with a good level of aggressiveness, with tunes chosen wisely to keep things organic (in other words, easy to be reproduced on live shows). It’s a very good result, a bit ‘stripped off’ (as seems the idea of the band for the album), but works in a very good way, indeed.

Musically, the quartet works on a mix of influences from Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Thrash Metal, and such blend creates a strong and heavy form of music tempered by melodies and aggressiveness in the same proportions. As a mere referential frame, it seems like METALLICA, TESTAMENT and ANTHRAX could sound a bit more melodic and technical in some moments, but always in a way that their songs become alive, catching and full of energy. It means that the album is truly good, with excellent hooks and an amazing energy flowing from all the songs.

On all the 11 songs of “Back to Nowhere”, the band depicts the talent and experience earned from its 20 years of experience. But as a reference for the lazy ones, it’s impossible to resist to moments as “Story of a Lie” (strong and carnivorous guitar riffs with a melodic and catchy chorus, and what very good leads), “For the Fallen” (excellent arrangements based on a thunderous and heavy rhythmic artillery from bass guitar and drums), “The Force of Thunder” (this one depicts some Heavy/Power Metal traits into the slashing fury of Thrash Metal, with good screams of the vocals), “Never Live Again” (influences of NWOBHM and Hard Rock appears on the melodic structures of the song, with massive and sharp guitar riffs), “The Blind Man” and “Metal Enlightenment” (where remnants of Power Metal are clear, especially due the backing vocals on chorus and instrumental arrangements), “Back to Nowhere” (where crude Hard Rock influences can be felt sometimes), and “Dreaming Awake” (again with excellent touches in a NWOBHM way). But once more: all of them are very good.

IN VAIN comes in a moment when Metal deserves those who want to do something different, something ‘out of the box’. And “Back to Nowhere” is really a very good work.

8 / 10









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"Back to Nowhere" Track-listing:
  1. Story of a Lie
  2. For the Fallen
  3. The Force of Thunder
  4. Never Live Again
  5. The Blind Man
  6. Metal Enlightenment
  7. Days of Glory
  8. Back to Nowhere
  9. The Last Breath of Freedom
  10. Dreaming Awake
  11. Sacred Bond
In Vain Lineup:

Daniel Cordón - Guitars, Vocals
Julio Abadía - Lead Guitar
Mario Arredondo - Bass
Teo Seoane - Drums

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