When Kings Meet


...earworms that wriggle right down your lugs, plunge into your eardrums, and then writhe towards your grey matter and hook into it like a slab of meat dangling in an abattoir.
November 16, 2023

After the success of their eponymous debut EP taking them all the way to the grand stage of Bloodstock, and countless high-energy shows across the UK, IMPERIUM have made an indelible mark on the landscape of the UK underground. With their infectious thrash-tinged heavy metal mix, and boisterous, rip-roaring presence, the lads from London have become a firm favourite to many a metalhead over the last two years. With the success of their debut in the bag, the IMPERIUM guys have used their hulking hands to build yet another addictive heavy metal work of art in their sophomore EP, “When Kings Meet”. The right royal four-track offering gives another colossal taste of the boys’ heavy artillery in this spectacular call to arms styled, riff-centric heavy-hitter played with aplomb.

The bloody intent of IMPERIUM is instantly shown in the bludgeoning of “When Kings Meet”, which kicks off with crunchy riffs and fierce energy, galvanising you into some brutish action. The groovy rhythms and gravelly vocals work in complete synergy to deliver a sure headbang of approval, sealing the deal with the snapping jaws of a furious solo. There's a gradual bleed into the strapping "Desperate Screams", where a dark crescendo of volume peaks to a high-energy thrash-attack that'll have you possessed and ready to pounce, showcasing IMPERIUM's incandescent blend of unrestrained instrumentals brilliantly, and when combined with those deliciously ferocious vocals, creates a roaring furnace of wrathful energy and scornful noise.

The last couple of tracks - if you're listening to the digital version, that is, as the physical format treats you to a couple of live extras to salivate over - are what is unofficially known as "absolute bangers". These are the earworms that wriggle right down your lugs, plunge into your eardrums, and then writhe towards your grey matter and hook into it like a slab of meat dangling in an abattoir. The catchy chorus of "Capable of Murder" will have you singing along in a jovial fashion, but the gang-chant injections give fistfuls of testosterone-fuelled heaviness to ensure that you still look macho as hell belting them out. If you thought that track was a belter, meet "Iron Thunder"; this hunk of filth dishes out truly tasty tones with some cheeky NWOBHM flavours sprinkled throughout to complement the dirty groove that undulates like the waves of lady garden tsunamis in my grots. When the IMPERIUM lads make a banger, they slather it in napalm, strap ten tonnes of TNT to it, and blast it out of the park.

"When Kings Meet" is a natural progression from its predecessor, packed with plenty of flavour and meat to the bone, and all built on the foundation of an obvious brotherhood and metal kinsmanship. With two hugely successful EP's now under their belts, and more than enough ammo to cause mass destruction, it's fair to say that IMPERIUM are ready to serve up a full-length after producing this absolute stoater.

8 / 10









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"When Kings Meet" Track-listing:
  1. When Kings Meet
  2. Desperate Screams
  3. Capable of Murder
  4. Iron Thunder
Imperium Lineup:

Ben Porter - Vocals
Hardip Sagoo - Lead Guitar
Scott Lomas - Rhythm Guitar
James Hawes - Drums
Rapha Comes - Bass


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