Fight In Me


This delicious album could be called "When Hard Rock and Modern Metal" unite, because it's what you'll find on it!
February 17, 2024

In the late years of the 90s, two new phenomena took the Metal scene by assault: the early echoes of the new Metal genres (as Metalcore, Alternative Metal, New Metal and others), and women taking the scene by assault, being more and more seen and heard. Both things are common today, but many Metalheads had problems to deal with such news (and still some people refuse to give women their value due their musical work). Maybe a hearing on “Fight in Me”, of the North American band IGNESCENT will open their minds. The production is totally turned to something modern and sharpened by aggressiveness (hear the instrumental tunes used by the guitars to have a clear idea of it), but always trying to keep things clean and understandable. To the band’s music, this last aspect is extremely essential. Let’s try to resume things: it’s a very good result, with a greasy, defined and modern outfit.

It’s not a sin to try to define the band’s music as a Modern Hard Rock act, because it’s melodic and hooking (experience yourself the choruses of “Monster You Made” or “You’re Not Alone”). As a reference, maybe the works of EVANESCENCE can be a good referential frame, but it stays on it: the work of the band (centralized on the songwriter and vocalist Jennifer) could be describe as a mix between SLIPKNOT and SYSTEM OF A DAWN could play Hard Rock (it’s a good mental exercise, try it). So in other words, be prepared by some bone stomping moments with abrasive weight, but with catching melodies and choruses.

It’s hard to choose a set of songs to be named as ‘the best ones’; but using a lot of patience and some hearings, a good set to begin with must have “Monster You Made” and “Unholy” (both songs are filled with modern groove and abrasive appeal, but with lovely and charming choruses, and the vocals are excellent, with male ones appearing on the second), “Fight in Me” (this one is filled with a clear and modern accessible appeal, filled with charming keyboards effects and very good guitar riffs), “You’re Not Alone” (a powerful modern ballad, with clear use of effects and samples), “Under Attack” (and abrasive song with New Metal appearing in many moments, but keeping the Hard Rock melodic appeal, with a very good work on bass guitar and drums), “Shadows” (another accessible moment of the album), “The Hurt” (another very good set of melodies can be heard), and “Not Today” (where the band has the presence of Kevin Young of DISCIPLE on vocals). But all the songs are excellent.

If the reader still thinks of Metal as a ‘male think’, IGNESCENT is here to prove you’re wrong with “Fight in Me”. Taste it!

10 / 10









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"Fight In Me" Track-listing:
  1. Monster You Made
  2. Unholy
  3. Fight in Me
  4. You’re Not Alone
  5. Under Attack
  6. Triple Threat
  7. Shadows
  8. Carries Me
  9. The Hurt
  10. Woman on Fire
  11. Not Today
Ignescent Lineup:

Jennifer Benson - Vocals
Max Carrillo - Guitars
Joel Seidlitz - Bass
Brandon Wolfe - Drums
Jeremy Valentyne - Drums

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