I Will Tear This World Apart

The way that some Metal bands find to create something different from the usual models […]
March 16, 2019
I Will Tear This World Apart - III album cover

The way that some Metal bands find to create something different from the usual models is to mix elements from many Metal genres. It sometimes was already done, but in many occasions, it creates very good music for the fans. And the Norwegian trio I Will Tear This World Apart did something really lovely on "III".

In their case, to label their work primarily as melodic Doom Metal is not a sin, building up a form of music in the same vein that MY DYING BRIDE did on their earlier works (when Death Metal essence as undeniable), but these guys put along some Death Metal and even Black Metal in the middle of the melancholic feeling that permeates their music. There are fine clean atmospheric parts (as can be heard on the beginning of "Glass Soul"). It's a good blend of melancholy and extreme expressions, something that they do on their own way.

The sound quality is really very good, creating the right ambience for the songs. It's clean in a way that everything can be understood without problems but keeping the extreme instrumental tunes when they play in an aggressive form. But when the nasty voices cut through the melancholic moments is the moment to note that the producer really did a very good work.

This release comprises only four songs. "Children" is a song that bears an aggressive essence and very good contrasts between clean melancholic voices and shrieked tunes, even with the slow tempos; on "Glass Soul" the fan will hear a song that has 50% aggressive moments and 50% melancholic parts living together without problems (and what lovely guitars). Sad and bitter as the older classic albums of Doom Death Metal is "Detrimental Considerations", with some nasty riffs that comes from earlier Black Metal works. And "Burials" is odd and gruesome spit in the eyes of the conformism, filled with a nasty melancholic touch to reinforce the aggressiveness.

Well, "III" is a very good piece of music, indeed, and I WILL TEAR THIS WORLD APART keeps the Norwegian tradition of breeding very good bands.

8 / 10









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"III" Track-listing:

1. The World
2. Children
3. Glass Soul
4. Detrimental Considerations
5. Burials

I Will Tear This World Apart Lineup:

Peter Bains - Vocals
Robert Bains - Guitars
Sigurd Ekle - Bass

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